Friday, April 28, 2006

(No Subject)

Last post on March 23 .. Have grown lazy or too busy? A bit of both probably..
or maybe I cant keep the flow of posting constant.. After all nothing is constant..

"Everything is Relative"
Is it ? or is it not? If one person gets happy with a incident, some other is angry, someone else can be dejected , some can be concerned and some more people can be indifferent.
Whatever I post here, Its personal for me, very dear to me..
A close friend will also like it, s/he will constructively criticise it. Since its my friend I will take it positively.
Some will skim through and go away . Some others might add a comment or two. Since its someone other than my friend, if its a hurting comment , I may or may not consider it proper, Taking it sportively ? cant say..
The moot point is same action can be interpreted in many ways by many people..
As Einstein has already put it
Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour.
Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute.

THAT'S relativity.
The time remains the same.. but the way it seems is relative..
Isnt it same with our life..Everyone is running to find something.. to attain Success.. Success is again relative ( now it brings lot many relatives is also true) but when does one say s/he is successful? After earning lot of money? respect? fame? dependable friends ? Satisfaction and pride on their parents faces? Satisfaction deep inside themselves? How is it decided? This will be purely an individual view and I cant say will match with every other person..
But then if everything in life is relative, something should be constant..Like Einstein proposed that the speed of Light is constant( there are proponents saying even tht is not constant) .. what is it in life?
Someone told me, its God, or the unknown power of the Universe.. When I think of it , I beleive it.. Yes.. That power does remain constant.

PS.: This post I started sometime back.. completing after 2-3 weeks. and put it for myself.. So I can remember this thought process at another point of time...Take it relatively ;-)