Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Katti - Batti

आरगट्टी बारगट्टी तुझ्याशी कट्टी फू !
तुला मी खेळात घेणार नाही , चॉकलेट गोळ्या देणार नाही ,
आलास तर घेइन गाल गुच्चा अंगावर सोडीन भू !!
झुकझुक गाडी, पमपम गाडी , शेतावरची हम्मा गाडी ,
आम्ही सगळे जाऊ भूर , एकटाच राहशील तू !!!

Something that I remembered from my childhood when I read a post by a friend who wrote about her concepts as a kid...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


sound of waves on the rocks.. Moonlight.. Stars.. The distinct sound of kirr kirr.. Pleasant coolness in the air.. Solitude.....
That's what I am enjoying right now .. A time to just watch, feel, enjoy... No running thoughts..Absolute calming effect!
I can't explain to my friends who were asking me why I am out here instead of the tent .. I don't think they will understand that the moon woke me up and lured me to this place and inspired me to blog...
I liked this campsite very very much !!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dragging Conversations ..

... What did you have for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner ? as per the appropriate time..

... Aur kya Special ?

... Aur aj ka kya plan ?

... "For the Unmarried " Shaadi kab kar rahe ho ?

... "For the People Outside Country" Vapas kab aanewalo ho ya udhar hi settle hone ka irada hai ?

There are many more.. Want to add ?