Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What do I say about this:.

Dunno how it works.. And what do these girls feel when they are doing this..
In our daily bus to office, a burkha-clad girl gets in the bus at a stop near Mumbra which is a predominantly Muslim area. By the time, we reach office, the burkha is nowhere seen, not even a scarf over the head and I wont even be able to identify who the girl is. Similarly, on the way back, the same girl gets down at the same stop clad in burkha, which is obviously not seen at the Starting point at the Company.
I just saw one girl in the train. At Thane, she climbed with her dupatta put on both shoulders. By the time, she was ready to get down at Mumbra, she had wound her dupatta all around her face and head to have only her eyes uncovered.
What do they feel? Societal pressure to be seen conservative? I feel these girls are facing a lot of criticism when they step out of their area. Is this just the trade-off they do to be able to step out?
I believe right and wrong are relative terms. Right for someone may be wrong for someone else. But I really wonder, what do these girls feel..