Thursday, April 29, 2010

Few quotes

Quotes that I have developed ..

There is no better motivating factor than TINA factor .. (There Is No Alternative)

Nothing ever goes wrong.. as everything happens for a reason :) (Variant of All that happens , happens for the best)

Saturday, April 24, 2010


How much tip do we pay when we go to Restaurants ?
In US, even if we went to a restaurant with Buffet, for more than 6 people a gratuity (Tip in other words) of 15% of the bill amount. And they served only the Rotis and one Tandoori chicken at the table. Plates, Cutlery, Food you should bring out from the Buffet Table.

Back in India, even for A la carte, where you get separate set of plates and cutlery for starters, main course and dessert set and cleared , food served in plates, continuous supply of water, clean up of table after every course, Finger bowls, mostly everything at your service .. what do we pay in addition to the bill as a tip ?

I have seen more than one occasions where the tip paid was less than 1% of the bill. In actuality, the wages of an American Waiter and that for an Indian one would differ radically..
When I added a tip of nearly 8% ( an amount to round it off to nearest 100) , I got surprised eyes and opened door as I left .. :)
I only had to keep the payment away from the eyes of my Mom .. but thats fine.. I can explain her ..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Recording Light

So here are the Assignment photos from my Photography.. I got an A+ in the course.. I have to see how much I can take this further....

Note: As a composition written in an exam doesnt have literary value, dont look for too much of artistic value here :)

The bird

Office Canteen.. lunch time.
All tables packed and people tracking empty spaces by keen eyes.
Suddenly, in a corner there is a loud noise. A pigeon attempted suicide at one of the Big exhaust fans spluttering its tail and a side of feathers on 2-3 tables near the fan. People move from their seats. Some leave off the food , rest move a little away.
Someone washes hands, gets the water for the bird, picks it up and puts it away in a place where no one would stomp on it. He keeps the water bowl near the fowl so to help it.
The 3 tables in vicinity of the Suicide spot are empty, cleaned up by the canteen staff.
A new bunch of people enters the canteen, loves the sight of empty place at peak hour and rushes in to occupy the place.
Life returns to as usual!