Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life Gulmoharstyle

A play .. 15 mins thrice a week on Radio.. I have got hooked up.

A story of 5 people - 3 girls and 2 guys.. Pursuing different lives.. but get intertwined via a common theater course. Each of them has a different story. But somewhere each story relates common problems of women. One guy - not letting his little sister pursue her interests saying that the field she has chosen is Guys field. Another Girl - facing opposition from her father to even start working or complete her studies. Yet another being harassed by her Boss by his subtle suggestive comments. Yet Another- who is being forced into marriage and not allowed to pursue her talent in Fashion designing..
The mix is quite interesting and the story keeps going on .. It sounds like something that is going around us ..

I have seen Plays, Serials and Movies , Read them.. But beleive me - hearing a play is equally wonderful!

If interested, catch it on AIR FM Rainbow every Wed-Thu-Fri 7.30 pm :)

This is a proactive Promotion .. I am not paid for advertising it :P