Sunday, April 17, 2011

Searching for Water..

Would you believe if someone said that if you walk with a coconut in hand and it will react to the presence of water table underground?
When I heard of it from one of our acquaintance, I refuted the claims. He was damn confident that it works.. and I was looking for a logic in it.. Finally he agreed to come with us to our farm and look for water for us..

When we reached our farm and took out the coconut, he asked to take it hand and walk with it in a area.. It was only dangling on my palm as I walked and I was laughing at the idea and as I reached a point, it started taking a direction upward, as if there was a magnet pulling it.. and the coconut stood up! I moved back few steps and walked it up again.. The coconut went horizontal when i was back and when I returned to the point , it stood up again !!

The person who works on our farm is one of the tribals, and there were another 2-3 guys from the village on our farm.. Everyone came around to see where the coconut was standing up.. They knew that it stands when there is water!

Do you believe it ? If not see the video..

Link to the video :

It happens only in India!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

What is it all about?

So what is the basic requirement of any relationship? Not really just a GF-BF kind.. It could be any, a brother-sister, friends, colleagues, boss and team or any..
love or the expression of it?
Cordiality ?
Connection or frequency of it?
frequency of Meeting in person?
Knowing whats going on in each others life ?
Or is it just the feeling that 'I do care about you'
Let me know...

Sunday, April 03, 2011


A painting or a picture can evoke a lot of emotions.. And it all depends on the state of mind you are in..
In a absolutely disturbed state of mind, I see it as a lonely sailorsailing out..companion ship is leaving towards the horizon leaving this boat alone.. Beech manjhdhar me akela sorts..the sun setting down and the thought of approaching darkness brings in a gloom..
To put it positively, I can think of a morning glory, the night has passed and the rays of sun have shown that the boat is not alone in the water and possibly it knows some direction..the thinning clouds are residue of the dark storm that has passed and promises of a clearer day ahead ..
What emotions do you see in it?