Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Crazy to be Happy

Do you need to be crazy to be happy ?

Morning 9 am in Kuala Lumpur everyone is rushing towards offices on a Wednesday so halfway through the week. I saw a well dressed lady getting out of LRT.  She had a stuffed Koala Bear  and a small bouquet of flowers in her hand and was very happy. She was enthusiastically smiling and laughing and bouncing and saying something with the bouquet and stuffed animal held up high for display. She moved fast out of the LRT coach down the steps and out of the station. Everyone around was looking at her and I am sure wondering if she is crazy.
I did not see the lady beyond the ticketing point. I wanted to follow her , find the reason of her happiness.. see if I can catch the bug..

I was thinking, do you need to be crazy to be so happy ? I think we need to be soo crazy to forget every trouble and be happy regardless to what is happening around.

I had a smile on my face to see someone so happy .. and the incident bade me a good morning !