Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Some lines liked..

Kaun kehta hai maut ka jashna barbaad hai
Aj unki ruh jism se 'azad' hai

Zakhmon ko yun ched kar ghaav fir bhar payenge kya
kar ke apna qatl hum insaan fir kehlayenge kya
Ruh rahe 'azad' meri ibadat ye ho qabool
jo na hui qabool khuda fir pachtayenge kya

Monday, June 05, 2006

Waiting for the Rains

I like the rain, rainy season .. Getting drenched in rain is something I like very much , Except for 26th July 2005 rains , I have never hated it.. So I am waiting for the Monsoons ..
Water mesmerizes me..
be it raindrops, be it a pond, be it a flowing river, be it a gushing waterfall or even the roaring sea waves..
I can stand for hours looking at it without a single thought in my mind..
From Childhood, whenever I have seen a water body for the first time, I have taken a plunge in it accidentally..
First incidence I remember is my Mothers Home-town. It was month of May and River Pravara had been reduced to smaller ponds on riverbed. We all were sitting on steps on the banks at place where there was a lot of water. One of my chappals slipped and I jumped behind it to get it back straight in water .. Till I could get hold of it , I was half drowned.. A lady who was nearby caught hold my hand to keep me from drowning.. Something that comes to my eyes even now is the green water above my head ..
The first time I saw a sea was at Ganpatipule , a place in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra.. A very renowned temple of Shri Ganesh just next to the sea..Playing in the sea waves, building sand castles, I dont remember these things, But yes I had tasted salt water when I met waves coming to the coast and prostrated in the sea . :-))
Then it was a family picnic to Kondeshwar.. I just couldnt resist sitting on the rock in the water while crossing the river ther..though the water was only knee deep..

The most recent and striking experience was when I was sitting on the steps of Kaleshwar, a Shiv mandir near our college and our fav freaking place. River Godavari flows slently there..
It was evening time , the sun was about to set and my friends were chatting on a topic which wasnt of my interest.. As my usual course of action, I was watching the ripples in the water intently forgetting the world around me and I felt a sudden pull from water.. It was like the water had called me in it.. I was just about to get up when my friend tapped on my shoulder
"Chala 7 Vajle .. 7:30 paryant gate chya aat jaychay aaplyala"
(Come on its 7 already.. have to reach the college gate till 7:30) - 7:30 was the time till we girls could stay out of the campus. too early na ;-)
This brought me out of the trance very abruptly. When I remember this day, I still donot know why I was so lost in thoughts the day.. But this has been a memorable moment. I went back to the river so many times after that, but the force of attraction never returned..

When I try to analyze this affinity to water, I find my both sun and moon zodiac are earth signs.. I was born in winter season.. so nothing related.. Only thing is I was born in a town set on riverbanks May be that has given me this attribute..
The funniest part of loving water is that 3 of my crushes have been Aquarians ;-))

PS: The snap is of the river Netravathi, on the banks of which is my native place, my birth place , Bantwal.