Sunday, April 20, 2008

Love Story

This isn't a story if you are looking for one.. This is about the book I came across.

Love Story by Erich Segal is a wonderful little love-story. Its a story that can happen in any country, in any decade and with anyone. A straightforward story narrated vividly!

It struck me for its simplicity. The initial sparks between Jenny and Oliver , the constant intellectual tussle between these two and the bluntness in expressing their feelings to each other. Their will to follow their heart, and then take responsibility for everything that happens after that.

Its the story of a couple who meets in their college days, starts on a quarreling note yet feels the impulse to continue to be together, slowly realises that they like each other in a different way and understand each other in the way they don't understand themselves. Due to disparities in family statuses, don't get approval from one side, and go on to marry sacrificing their dreams and then slowly start adjusting to reality and then reach a comfortable place slowly and surely. The story then takes filmy turn and the heroine gets a incurable disease and takes a graceful exit teaching her husband to love his own father whom he never respected or was even on normal speaking terms with.

The height of this Love story is the definition of love which-as it indicates-is true for every relation..

Love means not ever having to say you are sorry.

I am thankful to my friend who recommended this book to me..