Thursday, July 31, 2014

August Rush .. Again ..

August has been a great month for me since more than a decade now.. (Wow.. Already talking in decades..growing old or what ??)
My memories start with my Engg. College start..may be I wasnt noticing the months so closely before that.. But I guess I have blogged about the August month a lot earlier ..
This August, I choose to blog everyday.. develop it a bit.. stop keeping it as a safety valve and make it more of a regular outlet :)

Let me see how it works for me.. I checked out the NaBloPoMo and Writetribes.. but knowing my regularity and deprioritizing blogging habits, I am not signing up yet.. If I can blog for next two days in a row (which are essentially weekends) I will be doing it :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yeah.. Life has changed ! a Bigggg Way ..
Got married, quit my 9.5 year old job.. Moved to a new country and trying to find ways to spend time !!!

Hopefully this brings me back to blogging too..

So on change .. the difficult phase of accepting the change of marriage was to get out of the comfort zone .. of home, being pampered by parents (yes, both Mom and Dad pampered me a lot !!), coming back home to home-cooked food and absolutely no worries in life other than work.. Accepting the change that Marriage will result in moving out of that comfort zone and get a life partner, a new family who will expect you to accept them quickly.. It took me some time to realise that I am not leaving my family behind..i am simply adding a new to my life.. :) I am getting a life partner.. a unique relationship which will not be shared (Since he is  workaholic, I tease him, that his work is his first wife) ..
Change of country was still lesser of worries, since we have planned it for a short duration and roaming around on work assignments earlier sort of has given some confidence on moving country to country..
Leaving my job was probably one of the bigger change..From being fulltime tied to a company to being fulltime tied to myself.. But I think that calls for a complete new post..

So as I keep saying Change is the only constant.. Change is what keeps us alive.. and facing new challenges is what keeps us going forward.. So yes.. change in life tells me, I am still living it right !!