Monday, September 15, 2008

Being Charged Extra?

Tuned in to my car radio in one of last 2-3 days. Since the local desi channel was having some discussion going on , I changed it to another one where it had the Delilah show.Something about the Delilah show that I know.. I used to hear it in Connecticut during driving in the evenings. Usually I used to be alone in the car so wanted some sound around. Dint understand much of the songs, but her soothing voice telling to "sit back and relax" used to be good to hear. When I arrived in Dallas, I thought I will have to look for some local FM channel as driving company, there I had found the desi channel radio Salaam Namaste. Once I lost what frequency it was and started the scan, and at one point I heard Delilah, to my surprise, to sit back and relax...So back to what I want to write about.. As usual, Delilah had a caller who said she had been dumped by her ex-boyfriend and now she was going around with another guy, whom she loved but is always afraid that he doesnt love her enough or will just dump her again. Delilah's answer was something that I liked. She said " You walk into a Store, and you have bought a can of soda. You are standing in a line in front of the cashier, and when its your turn the cashier says your bill is 28 dollars while you are buying a can of soda for say 3 dollars. You ask the cashier, I have just bought this soda for 3 dollars and you are charging me 28. If the cashier replies, yours in just $3 but the person in front of you did not pay $25 so you have to pay it , what would your reaction be ? " The caller realised that she was treating the new guy with pain of the old and she then agreed she will think it in a differnet light. Thanking Delilah and requesting her song dedicated to the new guy she hung up.
Nice answer isnt it? Many of us keep doing this a lot of times in lot of places.. Angry with someone , take out your frustration on someone else. Frustrated with something in your life, keep bickering about everything.. I do it a lot of times.. but now I will watch, am I charging the person for something that he hasnt bought ?