Thursday, August 13, 2009

Relations - 1

Boy and girl..
Girl commutes to office in company bus with a group of friends. Sees the boy everyday and likes something about him. Boy sees her everyday , she stands out in the group with her bubbly nature.

He wants to be part of her group , partly for her , but is shy and waits for someone to ask. So one day when there is some birthday in the group and as the group is celebrating, the girl walks up to the boy and offers him a piece of cake. He is happy, accepts the cake with a smile. Next day, she invites him in antakshari and he joins the group to become a part of it.

Some days later, in office, he receives an appreciation. His team forces him into giving an Icecream treat. As he is at the counter ordering icecream with a friend, she comes in there, flashes a smile at her. The mischievous friend informs her about the Ice-cream treat. She asks "Mere liye Ice-cream ?" He hands the one he had in his hand (which he had got for himself) to her.. By the time the mischeivous freind has reached back wth rest of the team sittingin the canteen and have started laughing at the boy. When he returns back , he is teased by the whole team ..
She realises he is being teased , enjoys the ice-cream and plans to increase the fun.
Next day when the boy is in canteen with the team again , she approches him with an Ice-cream in hand gives it to him and says "Thanks for yesterday's Ice-cream !" Flashes her smile and goes out .
Boy nonplussed ! Team split into peals of laughter ! and Girl out of focus...only for the scene..
Boy accepts to the team there is something between the boy and girl.. Team enjoys the affair and
spreads the word of impending engagement.. Girl and Boy are involved in this relation... :-)

{ This incident is based on a true story.. I kind of liked the way it happend and just wanted to share.. Do not ask what happend next.. The story ended here and life started .. }

Thursday, August 06, 2009

August is back!

Yeah.. August, the month is back this year. Augusts have always been eventful..
This August, I am transitioning.. My role to someone else at office and preparing to go back home after two lifetimes at two different locations of our Client (The lifetime term is from a senior management in client company).
What more's in store for me in August is still unknown !! Hoping for the best -as always..