Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Emotions at work

Is it really right to burst into a emotional scene at work?  Or is it okay when you have crossed your limits of patience and understanding? Or is it totally unprofessional ?

I have seen various papers on this topic, each trying to put the virtues of one approach or other.. But then what is the right thing ?

I was going through an Anger Management capsule (No, I wasnt assigned one :)) . It mentions even if you are under undue pressure due to others mistakes, made target of undue frustrations of someone else, losing quality time with family due to unnecessary meetings and status calls, Dont Get Angry. Use Constructive methods to channelize your anger , etc.  But, damn it, it isnt professional on the other people's end, why should I suffer and "channelize"?

Even if I specify my expectations at outset and I repeatedly bring it to the concerned people that things are not going in that direction and yet if I don't see an action then what do I do?

Need to find some behavioral thinker :)