Friday, November 30, 2012

Dining Alone

I dint think it takes so much courage to just walk into a restaurant alone and sit and eat.

Its a little overwhelming feeling, But I did it twice in last week. Cos I had no option.
First time, I picked out a little one - Italian- hardly seats 20 . But the food was good. You can see the amazement on the people's faces when you say you are dining in alone :)
Second time, a bit bigger  - Malaysian. Here it was pretty much evident they were surprised. They asked me Takeaway ? I said no, will be sitting down here.

It better than a take away. With that I would have to eat in the room - alone. In the restaurant there were others around :) so not alone..
But it ends up simply having food and then stand up and go . Its difficult to taste food. And people all around keep she waiting for someone ..

Nevertheless a different experience..Try it sometime.