Thursday, January 31, 2008

Piggy Bank

My Roomie and I were looking for Birthday gift for a little girl who is now turning EIGHT.. The eight is in Caps as the little girls likes to pretend to be older than her age :-)
After a little thought for her craze for dancing and coloring, and her trying-to-be-older-than-her-age attitude, we chose to give her some sensible gift , a Piggy bank.. Something which will help her learn that little by little one can build up a fortune.
So "Do deewane sheher me , Raat me aur do peher me" started looking for a nice little piggy bank.
In US , we generally look for things in the Mall or the super-stores which boast
"We sell for less"
"All the Ingredients"
"Where It Begins"
"Its All Inside"
Don't stop living in the red"

So we went on the search .. Initially we had thought its going to be easy. But soon we found out that searching a Piggy Bank is like searching a needle in Haystack.
Toy-stores ? One of them had really ugly piggy banks or miniature locker-cupboards for Coin savers.
The store of world-famous Children's entertainers who say "Its a small world" dont keep piggy bank or even a mousy bank.
Card Stores? They have piggy bank marked "For our first baby", "Daughter's College fund", "You are turning 70" ,
Super stores -- Only one of them had Piggy bank which was huge enough to be a Pumpkin was too costly to be fit for a Piggy bank.
So after roaming in the mall for 3 hours, in a superstore for 1 hour and another for 1/2 hour in another store we dint buy anything :-(

Just a day before the birthday, we picked up some toy and gifted it to her.
Fortunately the little girl liked it!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen par is a movie about Dyslexic Children.. Wonderfully made!
As one of my friend says, its the real use of a powerful medium

I happened to watch it twice , on continuous days .. It happens with me that second thoughts and Third thoughts are too much from a critic's point of view. With Taare Zameen Par, I happened to find more meaning in the movie second time I watched it.

I feel its not only the Dyslexic children, its with every child.. Each has a different plus point, native talent. Is it really brought forward?

Forget children, do we elders know what is OUR real talent? How much do we know ourselves? How much do I know myself?

Do I need to ..

Kholo Kholo Darwaze
Parde Karo Kinare
Khuntey Se Bandhi Hai Hawa
Mil Ke Chhudao Saare

To find

Tu dhoop hai Chhamse bikhar .. Tu hai nadi O bekhabar!!
Beh chal kahin , ud chal kahan
Dil khush jahan , Teri to manzil hai wahi ..............