Thursday, September 02, 2010

Interesting thought

Just wanted to put it down..

Dahi-handi s are so contemporary to Corporates ..

Originally started by the great management guru - Shri Krishna.. An attempt to get people to work in a team towards a single Goal - Butter , which was good for their health. The team consisted of multiple skilled people - strong Balram, physically challenged Pendya and other differently abled cowherd friends. They made an human pyramid to reach the pot of expectations set by the Gopika's..

Now ? the politicians put out cranes to hoist the pot of Money. Pull it up higher and higher as the human pyramids start building.. and there are a lot of various teams putting together the pyramids.. competing with each other..

A very interesting thought came to my mind as I watched one of the cranes.. Doesnt it get any more closer to Current world corporates ?
Today, all companies are competing in equally cut-throat competition. Putting their teams under pressure to win the pot of money.. the teams have different skill-levels, work in multiple layers -some take lot of physical pressure and some take the higher risk - the mental pressure..
And the customers i.e. the organizers of the show - they keep increasing the height of their expectations, and the pot of money doesnt match the efforts or cover the risk as well ..

Just wondering, do our Govinda teams also need to get into contemporary mood and look for Innovative strategies to hit the prize instead working it out the traditional way ??

I hope all Govindas have been safe today and no one has got hurt..