Saturday, December 19, 2009

Life Gulmoharstyle

A play .. 15 mins thrice a week on Radio.. I have got hooked up.

A story of 5 people - 3 girls and 2 guys.. Pursuing different lives.. but get intertwined via a common theater course. Each of them has a different story. But somewhere each story relates common problems of women. One guy - not letting his little sister pursue her interests saying that the field she has chosen is Guys field. Another Girl - facing opposition from her father to even start working or complete her studies. Yet another being harassed by her Boss by his subtle suggestive comments. Yet Another- who is being forced into marriage and not allowed to pursue her talent in Fashion designing..
The mix is quite interesting and the story keeps going on .. It sounds like something that is going around us ..

I have seen Plays, Serials and Movies , Read them.. But beleive me - hearing a play is equally wonderful!

If interested, catch it on AIR FM Rainbow every Wed-Thu-Fri 7.30 pm :)

This is a proactive Promotion .. I am not paid for advertising it :P

Saturday, October 31, 2009


I used to admire how the US drivers would take turns with their HUGE trailers..
Now? I feel our Indian Truck drivers and Bus drivers have more skill and tackle a very difficult task day in and day out.. They have to Drive on roads , take care of the vehicles overtaking or trying to overtake them, dodge the people crossing their paths (be it a road in City or an Highway) , Take turns (thts the most fabulous piece)
When you get a chance notice their maneuvers ..Its fascinating how much multi-tasking they do!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Great Moments

Some great moments in your life can be very simple..
One of my teammate said "I want to be like you"
I am not sure what emotions rushed for a few moments.. From Pride to Happiness .. a sense of responsibility that I have to be followable.. (Wow what a word!) .. a moment of success.. and what not!

I know I am boasting.. but I guess sometimes its ok !

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am back!

Returning back after a 2.5 year assignment from US of A was something interesting. There were multiple sets of comments that I heard / received.
Here is one
X : Did your project end ?
me: No , I chose to return.
X : Have you gone mad? People die to get to onsite, and then do whatever they can to stay in US, and you are going back?
me: hmm
X : is it recession? Did they offshorize your stuff ?
me: No, a guy has already replaced me
X : I think you want to switch your job, so you are getting back. You have been a long time with this company, I know you will back soon from a different company.
me: ( If you have got it all figured out by yourself , why ask ?) As of now, I havent planned anything..Well Lets see how things go along .. See you later.. (How else do I stop the firing?)

Another one in India as I am back
Y : So you got bored in America ?
me: (Smile) Well, kind of ..
Y : Its so much tough getting food out there isnt it?
me: Well not so much , you get pretty much every Indian stuff there..
Y : But is very costly there , isnt it ?
me: umm, it depends..
Y : You must be feeling hot here isnt it ? It must have been very cold there in America?
me: Actually I was in Dallas, which is pretty hot and dry.. Its just more humid here.. Aaachuu !!
(For the uninitiated, Dallas, Texas is in lower lattitude, a bit higher than Mumbai and sees Extreme temperatures , Mumbai has been never that hot)
Y : YOu are having a cold !!! Stay away , did you get swine flu ?
me: (Taking two steps back) Ah well, not that I know of .. Aaachuu!!
Note for the readers, I have just got sever cold and cough due to change of weather, NO FEVER , and you cannot catch a Flu from reading :P

Another Friend inquiring on Yahoo messenger
F : So you are back ! welcome back!
me: Thank you ! How are you?
F : Hann Ok ok.. You tell me, what did you get for me ?
me: Did you ask for something :P ? Got lot of Choclates, come down to have it till stocks last..
F : Courier Companies bhi hoti hai .. You can send by that ..
F : So what electronic items did you get ?
me: Not much, lens for my Camera, camcorder.. small stuff..
F : What did you get for me?
me: (Speechless)
F : Aur tera Bank Balance kitna hua hai ? YOu must have got a very fat sum there, isnt it?
me: uhh?
F : Thoda daan Punya karna chaiye .. mere jaisa gareeb koi nahi milega tujhe
me got logged out due to a Load shedding routine. ( Load-shedding is a scheduled power-cut, the routines vary area wise from 1 hour to 18 hours).
For the first time, I was thankful about Load shedding.

No hard feelings for the friend, she was just joking. She is a very close friend of mine and is very obnoxious by nature. But she deserved an entry to this blog becos she wasnt asking about my health or my contact number to call up and talk but interested in other things :)

These are typical conversations I had. In my views, US of A is just another country. It has its own beauty, culture, abundance and discipline. I do not compare it with my own country as India also has its own beauty, culture, abundance and discipline. I dont compare the two as I beleive it will devaluate both of them. I had done my job with assignment I was given and it was turning slightly monotonous. Also my visa was expiring and I wanted to get back to my family.
Right now, I am happy to be back !!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Relations - 1

Boy and girl..
Girl commutes to office in company bus with a group of friends. Sees the boy everyday and likes something about him. Boy sees her everyday , she stands out in the group with her bubbly nature.

He wants to be part of her group , partly for her , but is shy and waits for someone to ask. So one day when there is some birthday in the group and as the group is celebrating, the girl walks up to the boy and offers him a piece of cake. He is happy, accepts the cake with a smile. Next day, she invites him in antakshari and he joins the group to become a part of it.

Some days later, in office, he receives an appreciation. His team forces him into giving an Icecream treat. As he is at the counter ordering icecream with a friend, she comes in there, flashes a smile at her. The mischievous friend informs her about the Ice-cream treat. She asks "Mere liye Ice-cream ?" He hands the one he had in his hand (which he had got for himself) to her.. By the time the mischeivous freind has reached back wth rest of the team sittingin the canteen and have started laughing at the boy. When he returns back , he is teased by the whole team ..
She realises he is being teased , enjoys the ice-cream and plans to increase the fun.
Next day when the boy is in canteen with the team again , she approches him with an Ice-cream in hand gives it to him and says "Thanks for yesterday's Ice-cream !" Flashes her smile and goes out .
Boy nonplussed ! Team split into peals of laughter ! and Girl out of focus...only for the scene..
Boy accepts to the team there is something between the boy and girl.. Team enjoys the affair and
spreads the word of impending engagement.. Girl and Boy are involved in this relation... :-)

{ This incident is based on a true story.. I kind of liked the way it happend and just wanted to share.. Do not ask what happend next.. The story ended here and life started .. }

Thursday, August 06, 2009

August is back!

Yeah.. August, the month is back this year. Augusts have always been eventful..
This August, I am transitioning.. My role to someone else at office and preparing to go back home after two lifetimes at two different locations of our Client (The lifetime term is from a senior management in client company).
What more's in store for me in August is still unknown !! Hoping for the best -as always..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Katti - Batti

आरगट्टी बारगट्टी तुझ्याशी कट्टी फू !
तुला मी खेळात घेणार नाही , चॉकलेट गोळ्या देणार नाही ,
आलास तर घेइन गाल गुच्चा अंगावर सोडीन भू !!
झुकझुक गाडी, पमपम गाडी , शेतावरची हम्मा गाडी ,
आम्ही सगळे जाऊ भूर , एकटाच राहशील तू !!!

Something that I remembered from my childhood when I read a post by a friend who wrote about her concepts as a kid...

Sunday, June 14, 2009


sound of waves on the rocks.. Moonlight.. Stars.. The distinct sound of kirr kirr.. Pleasant coolness in the air.. Solitude.....
That's what I am enjoying right now .. A time to just watch, feel, enjoy... No running thoughts..Absolute calming effect!
I can't explain to my friends who were asking me why I am out here instead of the tent .. I don't think they will understand that the moon woke me up and lured me to this place and inspired me to blog...
I liked this campsite very very much !!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dragging Conversations ..

... What did you have for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner ? as per the appropriate time..

... Aur kya Special ?

... Aur aj ka kya plan ?

... "For the Unmarried " Shaadi kab kar rahe ho ?

... "For the People Outside Country" Vapas kab aanewalo ho ya udhar hi settle hone ka irada hai ?

There are many more.. Want to add ?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


This is my first post from my iphone. I am so excited that I can now post my thoughts as they come. I mean I can't complain I did not have proper resources :-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


.. Thats what I am right now..

I was in a dilemma about speaking out a thing.. which my brain knew wasnt the right thing to do but when I am in an emotional turbulence I always say the wrong things :-) ..and that was what I was going to do..
Suddenly Tiny who was playing around came to me and said "Apanna aunty tu bolu nakos" and I had my answer! I was snapped out of the mood, totally out of the turbulence and perfectly normal :-)

Just amazed how God gives us answers when we need them !

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Good Friday

My Offshore team in India has a holiday in India where approximately less than 5 percent of total population is Christian, and I will be working in US where over 75 percent of total population is Christian.

My Client leader was amused to know it was holiday in India :) and so am I now when I checked up the stats on Internet..

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Travelling in Air

I just travelled around thousand miles via air this weekend to some friends after around 6 months..

It was a one-stop flight.. and a pretty sunny day atleast in most parts. My first flight started off a little later than the scheduled time due to technical snag (I guess a common thing with US Airways, I have seen it on 5 out of 7 flights I have taken) . But as it started off, I began to admire how Dallas Area looks from above.. Just one patch of buildings..nah Skyscrapers .. and only in that little patch of all flattened out, some lines ,some squares in yellow or brick red, slightly green at some places , it was a beauty to be beheld.. The Football grounds in bright green stood out various places in the view.. I know this view can be seen in but looking at a picture and a real one is different..
As the plane rose higher, the view started vanishing and after few minutes of turbulence, we were on a white sheet of clouds. .No. it wasnt a sheet.. it was as if cotton was stuffed down there.. or may be white buddhi ke baal (candy floss) just kept there with covers removed.. After I while I got engrossed with the book in my hand "Vapurjha" . Its a collection of excerpts from a Marathi writer Va Pu Kale. His writings are pretty straightforward and realistic .. and more about this book or writings some day later.. As Charlotte, NC was nearing , and the plane started its descent, a different part of the country started getting visible.. lot of green , more of red , black lines and dots - more dots than lines, different hues of water bodies and to top it off, little pieces of clouds floating out of nowhere.. It was like seeing the foam of washing powder spread by little child over a dark hued carpet.. As I was savoring that view, the plane soon landed and I realised that I was about to miss my next flight.. So as soon as I got down the plane, the quest to the next gate started.. I also realised that there was an elderly couple - should be in their 60-70s - were also rushing for the same flight.. by the time we reached there, the flight had already taken off. We then found ourselves talking out at the rebooking queue.. We got the next flight for after 2 hours and that flight was again another end of the airport.. Well the old lady then asked for assistance and preferred to go by the airport vehicle with her husband.
On the next flight, as it took off, I was again looking out of the window at the foam design for sometime then back to my book and i dozed off..
When I was up the sun was shining brightly and the clouds had risen up from the cotton candy level.. we were descending towards our destination airport.. I was again mesmerized with the passing clouds and was watching it under the shade of my book as the sun blinded my view.. Suddenly, the guy behind me pulled down the window and said "Here you are !" I was so angry at the point and thought "Mr Agavu, I was enjoying it the way I was looking at it !" Obviously he wouldnt have understood Agavu which is typical marathi word for Overenthusiastic.. and then i realised , the sun might be actually disturbing to him as well or atleast his intentions were to ease my efforts of holding the book against the window.. But then I lost my interest in the view .. Slowly we descended out of the clouds in the rain, and as the speed of the plane reduced .. the water stream on the window pane which started with a slant, reduced the angle with the window to zero and stream could be identified into successive droplets..
Out on the airport, picked my luggage and then the rental car, next in plan was to drive to my friend's place.. After a few wrong exits, finally got on to the right highway and then slowed down with the traffic :-) By the time I had reached, it was 12 hours since I had started from my place.. and I was one timezone away..

The journey was quite good, when I compared to my Roomie's .. We had started at the same time, and the first part of delay in first flight.. But unfortunately for her, her next flight ws flight to India and she missed that by hours .. and the next flight they put her on is 24 hours later.. Even as I am writing this, she is still in US when she was supposed to be in India.. I wish her a safe flight ahead and overall a great trip as she would be seeing her Husband and son after a span of 6 months..

Friday, April 03, 2009


Long long time back, There was a chawl in a small suburb of Mumbai It was a single level chawl.. tiled with Mangalore tiles, each house had a living room and a kitchen and set of toilet and bathroom.. There were little lines of such houses, paralllels and perpendiculars, 3-4 houses in one line.. it was a one big maze..
This story is about just one of the line of houses which had 4 houses. One of the house out of these four (as far as I remember) never had kids or had very quarrelsome kids who never came to play. Rest three had 2 to 3 kids per house. The families mingled with each other and gelled in quite nicely. All kids were around the same age. So all these kids would play together, watch TV at one of houses (Ramayan especially), study together , etc. etc. Once upon an exam time (I guess there was still some time for the exams to come) all kids sat together to study, rather all parents made them stop playing and got everyone to get their books to study. Since everyone had exams, they got their books out.. but what would the younger ones do ?
A little boy in 1st standard (1st Grade for the uninitiated) and a little girl in Senior KG ( Kindergarten is school grade right before 1st grade) did not have any studies to do as their exams werent that important (Remember its Long time back ) . So they kept going around their older brothers and sisters and continuously grabbed everyone's attention. How would the parents allow such a thing? So they set a task for the boy to teach the little girl how to write in Marathi as he was learning in a Marathi medium school and the girl in English..
अ आ इ ई ...
Don't quite remember what happend later.. but that evening and that teaching has been photographed in my mind. After long time, around 20 years, it took some coincidence and some internet for these two chracters to get in touch again to find none of us stay even near the same place, the chawl doesnt exist, its been demolished to become a Apartment complex, everyone's now have settled down in their lives happily.. But when I called this friend "Gurudev" he never remembered why ..
We are still in touch via Chat, Orkut, Email, Forwards.. and its always fun to talk to each other..
and when I got the company award, he came to know of it from his sister as she works in the same company.. I got an email
"शिष्योत्तमे, अभिनन्दन"
(meaning , "Congratulations to the Best among my students")

It made me smile in my pressure filled day when I was running in and out of meetings..
It brought me back my childhood memories , the little house which seemed soo Big then, the little joys of life which were so abundant.. and the little friends around who would enjoy everything with same innocence !!
I cant go back there in the same age and place, but I surely did spend the rest of my day happily

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tiny and Biggy - 1

I know 2 little girls, just a few months apart.. Lets call them Tiny and Biggy. Thats how these two are..
Tiny and Biggy are in the same age group - 2-3 years old, so they like to play together.. But Biggy is a little dominating, i.e. she wants everything for herself, wouldnt listen to anyone, and its her way or no way .. She shouts, cries when it doesnt happen her way, and at times hits or scratches the person trying to restrain her.. irrespective of who it is.. Tiny is towards the silent end, she does want things for herself, but she would share as well.. when things doesnt happen her way, she cries a lot, but then a distraction helps to get her attention somewhere else. She is afraid of strangers as well..
So when Tiny and Biggy play - there has to be a supervisor, so that Biggy doesnt start hitting Tiny. But then, Tiny wants to play where Biggy is and so does Biggy.. Whatever Biggy is playing with, Tiny wants to play exactly the same thing, and vice versa.. Initially, Biggy dominated the scene, she would not allow Tiny to play in her house, hide all the playthings, hit Tiny when she felt like and then Tiny would cry.. As time passed by, Tiny started retaliating.. If Biggy hit her, she would hit back, if Biggy came to her place, Tiny would hide her playthings..
Yet, both of them need to play with each other.. But little Tiny's Dadda is worried.. "Is she turning into Biggy? Lets not let her play with Biggy" But Tiny's Mumma says, She is going to learn a lot more things when she goes to school with several other Tinys, Biggys, etc.. Let Tiny decide for herself whats right whats wrong.. and Instead of preventing her playing with Biggy, efforts should be put on letting Tiny know what she should not learn..
I agree with Mumma..
I like to play with both of them.. Tiny is wonderful! Biggy can be cranky at times, but when she is not, she is a nice girl..

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why don't I write much?

That's what I was thinking when I came across few blogs where they wrote only few sentences in a post..

I guess I should attribute it to my habit of telling detailed story behind each event..

Been teased for that..Heard people calling me boring as well.. but I don't want to lose the moments I get, when I linger behind in the story - the day, time , the place it happened..

Sometimes its just good to remember..
And in that I forget what I started with in the first place :-)

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Disclaimer :This post isnt a review of the movie. This is more about random second and third thoughts

Watching a movie as soon as it gets released is not something I normally do these days. But Luck By Chance, the three of us, My friend-colleague-roomie (FCR), our friend-collegue-neighbour (FCN) and me decided to go for Delhi-6 on the immediate sunday after being impressed by the songs. Luckily as well, none of us had any scheduled activity (Note that we all are s/w engrs and in support). Next step after deciding to watch a movie is callling up all other colleague-families in the apartment complex and inviting them to join. With a lot of Kabhi han kabhi na, except one family , all of them (including 2 families with kids aged 24 months and 30 months) agreed to join.

Show time : 2:30 pm Decision time : 1:45 pm during Situation: Common Lunch in progress.

and as usual we made it. ALL of us just inside the theater when the Rakeysh Mehra's archer is pulling the strings of his bow.. Pitch Dark Theater and we expected a full theater so walked in till the middle of the theater and waited for some light on the screen....

Kids restless, weak mobile lights , searching for a row.. Finally in that darkness someone said, "Are ye row me jagah hai " so the first guy goes in .. and finds that the row is FULLY empty till end.. So we all fit in one row..

The movie unfolds , Abhishek coming with is daadi Vahida to any gulli in Dilli. Like a real Indian-born-US-citizen-visting-for-first-time , he sees and tries to make up with the difference consoling himself its not for long., gets used to having people around trying to judge him, listens to everyone, grasps the various beliefs and the extents people go for their beliefs and so on.. Funny scene is when Daadi suddenly gets serious and he shouts "Call 911" [rofl] ..

Well you can read the story on the internet.. Too many reviews are out..

When we came out of the theater and looked at each other everyone of us was "Its a good movie" My FCR agreed that she would take me to the next movie (The previous two movies I went with the group were "Heroes" and "Chandni Chowk to China").

When checked with friends and family in India, it seemed to have a very poor rating.. Public felt it was bakwaas.. Kuch bhi dikhaya hai and all.. This set us thinking why we liked it.. and it dawned..
In office where we all work, we are used to incidents where there is no track or trace of why a thing has been happening such for so long, or even the people who set it that way. No explanations shall be available on any event.
I guess liking the movie was just a Professional Hazard in Personal Life.. it was just about accepting things as they are shown and not try to find a logical explanation.

Confused on what I am trying to say ? Well thats the way it is ..

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Boss and I

Some feelings you cant explain..
I received an email from our HR asking for a photo as I am nominee for some award.. As far as I know for this award, I had requested one of other leaders to nominate my boss.. and she said it was already being done..
As always there are only a certain number of people that can be awarded.. So with this photo request, I am feeling too sad that, probably, my boss hasnt received the award and I have..
The realisation of being nominated for an award does fill in but then the sorrow is overwhelming..

I know I am in the world of probabilities.. but I do not want to get past my boss.. till now I have always achieved things after him .. after all he has taught me a lot and got me till here..helped me all the way in my personal and professional life to grow in the right way.. first as friend then as a leader , always as a great mentor!

And I am not the only one who likes my boss -- another colleague and friend who is in my team says in Rajanikanth ishtyle "He is a LEGEND in the field of IT"

I hope sincerely that my boss gets this award and not me.. or probably an award better than this one!!

UPDATE !!! My boss and I both got the award !!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Reason, Season or Lifetime

People always come into your life for a reason,
a season, or a lifetime.
When you figure out which it is,
you know exactly what to do.
When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need
you have expressed outwardly or inwardly.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty,
or to provide you with guidance and support...
to aid you physically, emotionally, or even spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then, without any wrong doing on your part
or at an inconvenient time,
This person will say or do something
to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die.
Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up or out and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met,
our desire fulfilled; their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and it is now time to move on.
When people come into your life for a SEASON,
it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn.
They may bring you an experience of peace
or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it!
It is real!
But, only for a SEASON.
And like Spring turns to Summer and Summer to Fall,
the season eventually ends.
LIFETIME relationships teach you a lifetime of lessons;
Those things you must build upon
in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person/people anyway, and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind, but friendship is clairvoyant.
Thank you for being a part of my life...
( Forwarded by someone..dedicated to the friend I am thinking of , with a feeling that I have lost that friend )

Monday, January 19, 2009


Last night I found myself trying to comfort two older people.. who are richer in experience, higher up in position and older to me in age..
For the older of the two, I was at loss of words.. it was a situation that I knew he was in long before he told me.. But still, I did not expect him to come to me to tell..personally.. and I could not comfort or console him..

The other person, very close to me, was frustrated at work and so much that he wasnt listening.. But it was Gtalk and I chattered of continuously.. and if he takes atleast one thing out of it , he should be fine.. But I know, he will find his way out.. I was just an outlet and he wont take in a single thing.
*** But I think I could post that conversation which is full of tatvagyaan as a blog *** (hehehehe)

So when I had planned to sleep at 11 , I slept actually at 1 am.. and there is a long day ahead of me..

Monday, January 12, 2009

Belated Birthday

Some days are like that..You dont want anyone to come to your place especially in large numbers.. Just the people you stay with.. and things happen rapidly against your wishes, surprising, making you happy and making you guilty for feeling like kicking all the people who had come to your place..

One such day was the last sunday.. I wanted to home all the day long.. woke up a little bit before noon.. then with my 2 roomies decided up a simple menu for lunch but the ingredient was at a different colleagues place, so asked him to get it.. He came with his roommate with the ingredient and for lunch .. I was soo frustrated at the presence of external people at home. On top of it, this guy is a absolute male chauvinist (I almost said p*g) so when another colleague dropped by for a while with his little girl, this MCP tells her "Dont play with the electronics and become an engineer, go for arts commerce and get into teaching" Well the eighteen-month-old little girl was too busy playing with a red mobile, so dint mind, but all of us three roomies blasted off on him.He actually has a girl of his own as well.. He had to retreat for the sake of it.. but it was just too frustrating for me..
As evening came in one by one some more people started dropping in .. all from our apartment complex and seemed to have just arrived by chance.. I was damn bored with already existing people and this addition was irritating me.
I was trying not to get into a conversation as I am absolutely bad at them in such mood.. And suddenly a Cake Appeared from No-where and everyone burst into a "Happy Birthday to you " I was puzzled, surprised, dazed and absolutely had nothing to say than a Smile and a thank you.. It was my birthday party as I wasnt in US on my birthday! So everyone had planned to drop by together for a little party with a delicious Choclate cake (the cream of which ended up as my Facial) ..
It cheered me up totally !! The party was followed by a Pizza party and lot of fun and timepass..
and a guilty conscience that I hated it when everyone was joining in..
I am sorry guys and Thank you very much for the Cake!!
I will be careful next time I get frustrated for no reason...
Note: this post started in January , but concluded in March..

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Moment of Test

In 2008, I saw two of my colleagues failing the test of time and integrity at work.

Both of them people of good and helping nature.. A lot crazy and selfish at times but equally helping to the person in trouble.. These two were the people who supported me in my initial phase in US.. First two to arrive on spot of my accident to console me..

It happened roughly this way.. Mr A , had access to the Production systems, goofed up something in one of the programs.. realized and fixed it on spot without letting anyone know. When questioned, lied that he did not fix.. When the lie was found , he was taken out of the Project .. and then probably asked to resign. He is in a different company now.

Mr B, had access to Production, resolved an issue, but took out some personal vengeance during the testing and printed out improper words on a Purchase Order at one of the Business Branches with someone else's user id. An absolutely ridiculous act which spoiled all his reputation built up as "Security Czar" and a denial which led him directly out of the company...

Both of them lost control of themselves at the moment of truth, helm of power and responsibility. But I guess the mettle of person is tested in such situations. You pass and you feel better about yourself .. or you fail and fail miserably, lose everything you gained.

Oh God, how much ever sufferings you give me dont let me fail in one of such moments in my life.. You may not give me a lot of success in my life but give me the strength and courage and right conscience to pass such testing situations.. !

Friends and Quarrels

One of my college friend married recently. At this marriage, I met a few of my college time friends.
This meeting brought back the sad memories of college.. Not that my college time wasnt fun, but there was this last year where we had a girls hostel vs boys hostel quarrel which marred the relationships and friendships of previous three years.. Unfortunately this meeting brought out the bitterness of quarrel more than the long-term friendship. We took a lot of snaps with all of us in all the available cameras . My mobile did not have a camera. So I dont have any of the memories in snaps.. but my friends have them.. they are still my friends and I tend to remember the caring nature of the most bitter person, innocence of another, being there of the third and the helpful nature of fourth person and so on.. The bitterness of the quarrel does come to my mind, I am human and normal to get that, but i can force my mind to see beyond .. But can that quarrel be never solved? those friends.. can they be reclaimed in the same way.. the pure fun.. can I get that back ? Its been a long long time.. I have forgotten the details of the quarrel.. not sure how many do remember it even now.. but i have lost my friends.. a lot of them..
One of my best friend had then tried to soothe me out from the frustration , he was a part and then a spectator of the incident, by saying - how does the quarrel affect you? when you dint do any thing wrong why should you take the blame and get upset.. and those who last beyond such quarrels are real friends.. I did not accept it then, was too sad, frustrated, angry and lost about it..
This marriage, this meet brought out all the memories.. and yes, beyond the bitter people, I do have a few who have lasted. My best friend who helped me get on, the friend whose marriage I attended (He invited me two months earlier and then he found my number and called me two days before his marriage and made me cancel all other plans and coaxed me to be there for his marriage) , one other friend who called me "mummy" .. Though a handful, I do have got some of those who were in the quarrel. Well , Life's like that .. you win some , you lose some..
I hope to get the photos of the marriage from atleast one of the people who were at the marriage.. I hope he gets added to the handful who are in the real friends list..