Sunday, February 26, 2006

Randomly something..

Long time I dint post . was actually travelling extensively to see someting to write.
Collected a lot of things.. have them in mind but then dint get time to pen them down( I meant key in) Will soon put in one by one..

Today I saw two little kids walking down the street. A brother and sister, walking down the road with their mom. After some time, the boy started the race.. he went faster than his sister to overtake her, thenthe sister increased her speed.. soon they broke into a run to overtake each other.. they stopped only when their mother scolded..

When I was watching them, I remembered my days as a kid.. When I used to walk with my brother, I dont remember racing times, he might since he is older to me :-)
What I remember is we used to walk together.. race with other people on the way and reach the place together.. I do not know his philosophy, But even today I do not feel left behind by him.. That feeling gives me strength today.. Touchwood! we still share the togetherness very much..

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I am not sure how my dear god works. Cos he gives Instincts.

Instincts are the worst things. They tell you many illogical things, you dont believe thwm , But when you seethings turn out the way , u are amazed. Are Instincts Wishful thoughts? Sometimes yes or probably never ? I am not sure. Instincts have saved me from wrong actions many times. Even in my professional life, I have stopped on taking a decision , only because my instincts, my sixth sense said I should not do it. And later I knew , If I had taken the decision , i would have been wrong.

Even right now , I was damn tired with my work. Just could not trace back a problem. I wanted to free my mind so I started writing..
As I thought of posting it, I wrote on 2-3 different topics..But My Instincts dont allow me to post them. They asked me to post on them. Have they got some ego too?