Friday, August 26, 2011

Tere mere beach me...

Sometimes you cant share everything with others..the relaxed feeling that overwhelms you when the waves at the beach hit you.. The light rain that just touches you to  bring the cooling effect.. And the feeling it brings when it makes circles in the retreating waves..its simply amazing.. The thousand circles forming with drops of rain greeting each other at the curves looks like thousand smiles.. It affirms the fact that smiles bring more smiles..
Its simply awesome feeliing that compels you to share but you just cant describe enough..probably you need someone to share the same wavelength as you..
I have been to the beach in rains earlier.. And I have always yearned to go again.. The beach, the sea always overwhelms me..and the rains make me happy...when they both come together, they make a memorable experience..
Can I have some more time on the beach please..

(As I post this, I remember its August, and I did not mention the dream drive I had prior to the Beach experience, A drive with trees on both sides of the road empty up and down road and no other vehicle around.....)