Monday, November 14, 2011


There was a man who had an amazingly gifted dog who could walk on water. He was very proud of him and took great care of him.
One day he went fishing and walked the dog along with him. There was another man fishing stoically smoking a pipe. The man with the dog wanting to show off his dog's unique capabilities told the other man "Let me show you something" and threw a playing ball far in water and instructed his dog to get it.
The dog happily ran over water and got the ball back to his master who asked the other man "Did you notice anything about the dog?"

He replied, "Yeah, your dog cant swim!"

We see such critics every day in our life who can find shortcomings of the best things. How do we react to such critics is important. Do we get bogged down by meaningless criticism or ignore it?
You know it, the best way is to ignore it.. but make sure that you don’t ignore constructive criticism..

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Random thoughts

Was thinking over multiple things, and realized that I have lost lot of friends due to loss of communication and not due to actual fight or quarrels.. 
Fights or Quarrels can actually be resolved..even at a later stage.. but catching up later? it doesn't always work..because till then each one of them has already built a novel on what the other person should have done and has not done.. 

Other is, does constant pressure situation make you impatient and panicky? Am dealing with a new PM for last three days, and he seems to have pressed the panic button already when the project is still in its 1st week. Is it his normal behaviour or has he been moulded into it due to situations he has been ? So far, I haven't heard a good thing about him barring one person.. so also my experience in last three days hasnt been encouraging.. the dilemma is should I escalate now or give him more rope.. 

Its also been interesting to see how shy people get pushed to react strongly when a limit of frustration is caused. Wishing that shy person luck to tide over the situation and upcoming inquisitions the person might have to face to.. or may be the escalation would simply pass by and the residue would be negative sentiments.. 

When the world is struggling with inflation and earthquakes and floods and bombblasts.. I am stuck in the world of musings of my own with too many random thoughts.. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tere mere beach me...

Sometimes you cant share everything with others..the relaxed feeling that overwhelms you when the waves at the beach hit you.. The light rain that just touches you to  bring the cooling effect.. And the feeling it brings when it makes circles in the retreating waves..its simply amazing.. The thousand circles forming with drops of rain greeting each other at the curves looks like thousand smiles.. It affirms the fact that smiles bring more smiles..
Its simply awesome feeliing that compels you to share but you just cant describe enough..probably you need someone to share the same wavelength as you..
I have been to the beach in rains earlier.. And I have always yearned to go again.. The beach, the sea always overwhelms me..and the rains make me happy...when they both come together, they make a memorable experience..
Can I have some more time on the beach please..

(As I post this, I remember its August, and I did not mention the dream drive I had prior to the Beach experience, A drive with trees on both sides of the road empty up and down road and no other vehicle around.....)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Leaders come in different flavours..
One is the type who try to continuously push you by telling, this is what everyone does, whats the delighter? Where s the icing on the cake? You need to have a proper storyline....
Other is the type who continuously encourage by telling, you guys are the best, you just need to put it out there..we always have constraints, given the constraints you have done a great job..dont get tensed, you just need to put the storyline together in this way, and just be yourself!

Which one have you met ? I met both types today !!
And I would love to be the second type.

Monday, June 06, 2011


Learning is never bad.. Either you learn good things or you learn what to avoid..
( when i invented this quote today, i was advised to take pravachans :))

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Barkha bahar aayi

I always have loved the rain.. It simply changes the atmosphere, the surroundings and so very quickly..
Although it brings in some troubles in the man-made world, but still..with all troubles, it still is a beautiful season..

The smell of wetness, the green coming out of nowhere.. The cool breeze ... And the drops of rain..

Oh, this heralds our sowing season, our rice crop.. Our farm will go green now :)
In this first rain, want to listen to
"Banwra mann dekhne chala ek sapna"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Searching for Water..

Would you believe if someone said that if you walk with a coconut in hand and it will react to the presence of water table underground?
When I heard of it from one of our acquaintance, I refuted the claims. He was damn confident that it works.. and I was looking for a logic in it.. Finally he agreed to come with us to our farm and look for water for us..

When we reached our farm and took out the coconut, he asked to take it hand and walk with it in a area.. It was only dangling on my palm as I walked and I was laughing at the idea and as I reached a point, it started taking a direction upward, as if there was a magnet pulling it.. and the coconut stood up! I moved back few steps and walked it up again.. The coconut went horizontal when i was back and when I returned to the point , it stood up again !!

The person who works on our farm is one of the tribals, and there were another 2-3 guys from the village on our farm.. Everyone came around to see where the coconut was standing up.. They knew that it stands when there is water!

Do you believe it ? If not see the video..

Link to the video :

It happens only in India!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

What is it all about?

So what is the basic requirement of any relationship? Not really just a GF-BF kind.. It could be any, a brother-sister, friends, colleagues, boss and team or any..
love or the expression of it?
Cordiality ?
Connection or frequency of it?
frequency of Meeting in person?
Knowing whats going on in each others life ?
Or is it just the feeling that 'I do care about you'
Let me know...

Sunday, April 03, 2011


A painting or a picture can evoke a lot of emotions.. And it all depends on the state of mind you are in..
In a absolutely disturbed state of mind, I see it as a lonely sailorsailing out..companion ship is leaving towards the horizon leaving this boat alone.. Beech manjhdhar me akela sorts..the sun setting down and the thought of approaching darkness brings in a gloom..
To put it positively, I can think of a morning glory, the night has passed and the rays of sun have shown that the boat is not alone in the water and possibly it knows some direction..the thinning clouds are residue of the dark storm that has passed and promises of a clearer day ahead ..
What emotions do you see in it?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Biggy and Tiny

Biggy and Tiny both recognised me !!! Met them after a span of 1.5 years! When I had said bye then, I had accepted the fact that they would forget who Aparnaaunty was.. now they both are older sisters of 1 year olds..Its really wonderful feeling that they still remember me.. Love you little ones!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looking for a car

Yess.. Looking for a brand new car now ..
I would love some small SUV like the Toyota Rav4 ( I had driven it in US ) but similar cars arent available in India in my budget. We either have large SUVs like Sumo, Scorpio.
So what do I want in the vehicle? We want that for travelling to our farm mostly, carry stuff to and fro, run on the mud roads near our farm and on the highways too!
On other days it should be able to carry 5-6 of us around..
Over and above, my father should be able to drive it as well. I know I can drive all cars..

Hope to get a decent one very soon.. Currently looking at something like Venture or Eeco.. Lets see..
Any suggestions ??

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


As I am returning back from office today after putting in 10 hours on a holiday, am thinking about the sms conversation with the friend who was going to join me in office..
It went as follows:
I have started, will reach in another 45 mins to one hour.
'On my way. Will take 35 mins more to reach,
'So you will be the first one to reach :)'
'Sometimes i too manage to be first :)'
'Everyone cant be first. :) happy you are getting the chance.'
'Dont you think coming first to work on a holidayis not an achievement to be happy about'
'Coming to work is not a happy thing. Coming first is.
now that you know you will be first would you slow down? if yes, its not a happy thing, if no, its not.'
'not all journey are happy. But as said by someone ..-its the need of the hour and go an extra mile..'
'Dont quote someone, being content with the miles travelled is also a virtue. Also, the journey is always happy, the destination may not be..'

After this, his battery died, and the conversation stopped. Knowing his experience, am I way too optimistic or positive about life? Not that I have been overburdened by work always like he has been, but I do try lifting up spirits of people around me.. Not sure if this helped, but we had a pretty successful day..

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What do I say about this:.

Dunno how it works.. And what do these girls feel when they are doing this..
In our daily bus to office, a burkha-clad girl gets in the bus at a stop near Mumbra which is a predominantly Muslim area. By the time, we reach office, the burkha is nowhere seen, not even a scarf over the head and I wont even be able to identify who the girl is. Similarly, on the way back, the same girl gets down at the same stop clad in burkha, which is obviously not seen at the Starting point at the Company.
I just saw one girl in the train. At Thane, she climbed with her dupatta put on both shoulders. By the time, she was ready to get down at Mumbra, she had wound her dupatta all around her face and head to have only her eyes uncovered.
What do they feel? Societal pressure to be seen conservative? I feel these girls are facing a lot of criticism when they step out of their area. Is this just the trade-off they do to be able to step out?
I believe right and wrong are relative terms. Right for someone may be wrong for someone else. But I really wonder, what do these girls feel..

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Some people you simply love to hate. These can be at office, can be acquaintances, can be relatives as well. They come in all ages, sizes and quantities. Being utterly irritable is their basic property. Some other properties seen are- being chipku, being high-handed, taking all limelight, taking credit for others. The list is not exhaustive.
Dealing with such people mostly makes you lose your temper and frustration mounts on you. Visible side effects are making faces behind their backs, not answering their calls and pretending to be busy when approached.
More inputs are welcome!