Saturday, July 29, 2006


When I see a girl smoke or drink, how do I perceive it?
I dint like the girl intially.. but then I tried to look beyond her habits.. She is a nice person, quite an extrovert, considerate .. She took care her habits wont affect me.. Why did I not like her?
Consider a guy doing the same thing, will I dislike the person at the first instance?

On giving a further thought I found Yes, I really do not like such people at first instance. May be when I do come to know of better things about them , I can be friendly towards them.
But something in me dint make me comfortable with the girl. She was with me for hardly 4-5 days. May be I am really not the person who believes in Men Women equality?
But thats what I have seen around me .. A girl who speaks out her mind clearly is considered arrogant.. A girl taking initiative is considered over zealous.. and when I ask why I am branded the same way..

No I am not defending myself, I am ashamed of my perception of that girl. I should have treated her as I would have done to any other girl.. I should not have treated her differently.. Just like any other person who has fallen in bad habits.. and should have tried to know her more.. Should have tried to be with her if she was lonely.. But I dint do it..

Next time, let me remember this..

Monday, July 10, 2006

Trip to Jodhpur

I had been to Jodhpur recently.. for a friend's marriage. It was a very nice experience!
Visiting a new area, meeting new people, and facing a different climate..
It was just a 3 day trip , but it gave me new eyes, a different view - of myself , of others, of what I have been knowing and doing.

The toughest part of the trip was explaining my country's traditions to foreigners.. I realised that we being brought up in India, have known things implicitly.. Like an Arranged marriages, wearing turbans, etc. But they are puzzled!. Its amazing for an American girl to understand how can any Indian girl get married to an absolute stranger and go with him only becoz her elders, her parents have chosen the guy for her. It was difficult for theAmericans to understand, why some rituals are auspicious..Lighting a fire and going round it in Marriage seemed to be a source of pollution to them .

It made me think, do we Indians know why we do it? Do we ask questions and find that these rituals have meanings and significance of their own or we just blindly follow them? IF its blind faith , its superstition, but yes .. if I understand it , it isnt!

Snaps for the trip in two links..
One with the purpose of visit and all people involved
and the other with the Places we watched in Jodhpur

Theres lot more to be written about the trip and people met.. Some other time !