Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Divine Flute

I am on this train to Richmond, Virginia, a journey of approx 8 hours and the first time in US that I am going somewhere alone.

I am armed with Ipod, laptop (I can plug it in to recharge) and printouts of a Manual to pass this time..

But this isnt about the Journey.. Its about an musical experience.. I have my Ipod set in Shuffle mode and have put on all the songs.. So any one can come up for my listening Like a radio :-)
So I was reading the Manual and was captivated at a point and a Jugalbandi of Bansuri and Veena started off on my Ipod. In few minues, I was compelled by the music to put the papers aside and close my eyes. As I closed my eyes, I felt as if I was sitting in my Kuldevi temple in Goa , in front of the Shri Chamundeshwari Mahamaya and gazing intently at her..
The Flute veena recital ends in Tabla beats. As these beats started , I was brought out of the trance and I was back in the train in US..
Not that I heard this instrumental for the first time, But I looked at the names of Performers and the description. It was a wonderful recording of the performance of Prakash Hegde and Jaishree ( Dunno who they are )..
The Description explained the trance.. The Bansuri -Veena recital was in Raag Durga Alap!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

"What are your dreams?"

Some days ago, I met a colleague who use to travel in the same bus from office to Dombivli back in India. I had met her at Annual Function just a month before that. She kept in touch and that day she was in Milford on the Train station. She wanted to see me and then had to go elsewhere. I had my car then, so I thought I should pick her from the station and drop her to the location she wanted to go. So I went to the station picked her up, and since she had sometime before she had to go her desired destination, I took her to my place.

We started chitchatting and slowly moved to the purpose of her visit here. Then she started describing her business , which was a Multi-level-Marketing business. I hate MLMs, not sure of the exact reason for the distaste , probably I seen more people losing money in it. But still, as I did not feel I appropriate to reduce her enthusiasm, I let her continue.
As in all MLM's one of the few initial questions was "What are you dreams?"
I got stuck..terribly.. I couldnt think of single dream that I could tell..
The conversation then drooled on to materialistic goals to money and how MLM can bring you money , etc.etc. All the crap I had heard when few more ML marketers had tried to sell me their stuff..

The question has haunted me .. till today. What are my dreams.. Sometime back I wanted a house of my own.. after staying away from my home for 6-7 months I realise I need a Home, little or large, but should be full of people loving and caring for me , instead of a big, empty house.
I want keep working, it keeps my brain active. Make me sit doing nothing, and you have bored me to death.
What else do I want in life? I need to find out ..

BTW today morning , I woke up dreaming that I was running through the corridors of a big school with a hallticket for an exam, searching for the classroom where my number was .. Does that signify anything?