Friday, September 22, 2006

Varsha's Tag

I was tagged by Varsha.. So here are my answers :

What according to you, is a blog?
Blog is a log of events which an individual wants to share with the world.

• How did you come to know abt blogging?
From my dear elder brother
The Answer in the wind and then was further motivated by Nagesh and Ananth. But nowadays, it seems I have taken to blogging more than them :-)

• How far it has changed your perception?
Changing perceptions? may be it has always made me think through various angles.. But that doesnt change my reaction speeds

• Are you true to yourself while blogging ?
Try to be true.. I cant fantacise.. atleast not tried yet..If I feel its not being true to myself, I delete the drafts!

• Any blog? you wish to be the author of ? and why?
Yes ..
this one cos this is like mine :-D

• What it has preached you?
Preached me .. naah..

• Two of your fav. Blogs? And why?
Two is a small Number But Varsha's
Fragrant flowers refresh me the most .

• One of your fav. Post by a fellow blogger?
The Bus journey

• One of your fav. Post by yourself?
Waiting for the rains.

• A blog which inspired you?
The Answer in the Wind by my Ganeshanna.

• any Blog friends ! who are they? and why?
Blog friends , I have to mention one ..
Paamar got in touch only once.. never later..

• If provided opportunity would you like to meet a fellow blogger? Who? and why?
Nope.. cos Curiosity keeps the realtion going.. And then, Most of bloggers I know are friends first and bloggers later !

• name a blogger, who comments regularly in each post of yours?
Varsha unmistakenly.. the next frequent flier is Ganesh.

• A blog, where you comment regularly?
Commenting is a give and take relation, Yet I comment on
Varsha, Abhijit, Nagesh, Ganesh and Ananth ( when he posts)

• How does it feel to be called as a blogger?
Great!.. Blogging is a way to pour out your heart.. But the rule is to complete a post in a single sitting.. Cos Next time a new idea has born and needs attention.

Now My turn to Tag.. I hope the people I tag do visit here to check the tag.
Abhijit Ananth Ganesh Simi

For the information of these bloggers, these people have to answer all this questions in their log.. Nothing Happens if they dont.. But personally I feel , its nice to dig into yourself for the answers..
Happy Blogging !!!

P.S. In the last 2 days, i inspired two people to blog .. Soon will be on my blog roll

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Personal Effectiveness

Recently attended a training on Persoanl Effectiveness.. It was a part of my Individual Development plan suggested in my Appraisal.
It was quite an interesting training..
First we were to note down our strengths and draw a picture for anyone of the strength. Then we were divided in pairs and supposed to get a feedback about the picture from other person and then have a introduction with that person. After this exercise, we had to introduce the other person to the group and explain their picture.
Then there was a session on ENNEAGRAMs - Nine personalities. An idea of Greeks, that basically there are only 9 types of personalities. We had to go through Questionnaires and then the trainer would identify which is the dominant personality in each of us.
Also there was Johari window. I already have one online.
After the first day we had home work too.. To complete the Script Questionnaire..That was all about self, parents, Childhood impressions , thoughts about future..
The second day we discussed this Script. and further on ENNEAGRAMs, How to deal with the Nine personas.

The gist what I found is that, We need to keep talking, to ourself, to friends and take our thoughts in a positive direction. Analyze each thought, if it is logical or Not. Check at every instance, is my worry realistic.. or am I just imagining things..
Am i in this world or an imaginary world?
When we hit the ground reality, we discover ourselves..
and the Discovery is fascinating.. As I delved deeper inside myself, I found I had bound myself by too many beliefs and chains.. I found about my deepest fears, which ruled my decisions.. and now I will make it sure that they do not affect my decisions..
Taking charge of Self is something that everyone needs to do.. Lets see how successful I am !

Note for readers:
Please keep commenting on my blogs, and let me know if I am improving or vice versa :-)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Not posting..

I havent posted from long time..
seems nothing is making any impact on me.. Or i have been so used to everything happening around me..
But its neither.. Its just not to be made public..
I have got lot of work in my office..
I got this highly critical, highly sensitive, spanning the complete project etc. etc., task since two of my team-members put all the efforts to convince the boss the only I can do this.
This happend in my absence.. But now I have to be ignorant of this fact that happened and work and co-ordinate with the Boss and both of the team members.
So now I have Task tension, co-ordination pressure and keep an eye on the thing that no one misses out anything.. and stay always politically correct.
Ah.. How I miss being free of worries.. wanna just speed away .. as one of my friends scrapped me on my Orkut Profile snap.

P.S.: This is an afterthought and has added to my worries.. Will my Boss come to know of my blog? What will be the reaction? (25-Sep-2006)