Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Another year strolls in and all kind of retrospection has been discussed.. So what changes with 31st December ? People still remain the same - no one can change overnight from a grumpy person to cheerful one.. A worrywart to happy-go-lucky... A Laid-back to Sincere hardworker.. Yet it seems like a new start- a new hope to see a change and a drastic one.. 

I always grow older at new year .. or should I say more experienced..Surely cant boast as being wiser ..because I think being wiser thing happens when you have a life altering experience..or atleast it has to be something unexpected. So I wish for such experiences tht make me wiser !

So more wishes and hopes for a different tomorrow.. may be not an drastically different year..but atleast a more hopeful one ! Wiser one..