Saturday, July 31, 2010


Got a chance to give an interview after nearly 6 years.. and I was scared terribly!!
The interview didnt go much well and I am not sure if they will shortlist me :(. Any ways I got to see a lot of people and their reactions..

It was an interview for an Executive Management certification programme for a very reputed Management institute. As per schedule 30 of us were supposed to be interviewed in the span of 4 hours - 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Everyone was present at 8:30 am.. Note that all the candidates had minimum 5 years of Experience , actually much more than that.. So there was a variety of dress code followed.. from Crisp suit and tie to simply formals with tie to only formals to smart casuals as well !!! Did that make a difference ? No idea !

As everyone was called in for verification of certificates-10th, 12th, Degree and Experience - I was thinking Why do we need such an assortment ? Unless you are 10th pass, you cannot go for 12th.. Without initial 12th / Diploma, You cannot go for a degree.. Also in a degree, unless you clear all semesters, you wont get a convocation certificate - Then why scrutinize ALL of it.. :)

Anyways, the action of one candidate prior to Interview which prompted me to post was interesting.. He was waiting for his name to be called ( I know that this guy has 15 years of experience) . Till that happened, he was chanting some prayer to himself and to end it he also did a sort of namaskar with one hand, touched his ears and brushed off his actions as if he had not done anything!! :) Not that it was inappropriate , but it was amusing to see !!

Few others were reading newspapers nervously, discussing about the accreditation of the course and value of it.. More others just leafing through their ceritificates, some more browsing emails on their smartphones or even playing games and me- I was trying to stifle my yawns, holding up my sleepy bouts (Due to the lack of sleep on previous two days) and trying to keep awake every time the certificate scrutinizer called some name. I had 2 min naps as well to freshen myself up.
Now I feel, there may some other person on that group who might blog about me, who knows !

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mobile Raddiwala !!!

Yeah.. Our regular raddiwala has gone mobile..
Its very simple, we call him on his mobile number, he comes home with an electronic scale , weighs the raddi (old newspapers) , pays you the amount and takes away the raddi..

Kya baat hai !! Life ekdum Fassht ho gaya hai !!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Constant Change

Change is the only constant, isnt it ?

But then why do we see some people changed and yet some more as never changed ?

I guess we accept changes we like and then dont find any change .. and when are not able to accept it we quip ' How much has this changed !!'

(Written with nothing particular in mind and BTW this is my 100th post !!)