Saturday, February 17, 2007

Valentine Day!

Last wednesday was Valentine's day.. I had known 14th Feb was near due to the "Be My Valentine" related poems and stories and FWDs had started flooding my mailbox!!!

Since the last few years have passed by, have seen the infatuated and the love-lorn exchanging gifts on this date. The Girl gets some gifts like a Shirt/kurta/watch and a pink/red card for her boy. While the boy hunts for cute things like soft toy, clay dolls with a pink card for his girls. Roses grow costlier on this day as the florists try to make the quick buck. Those who had been following their element of interest for a long time, try to voice out their feelings, some succeed some dont.. Some make it to the next Valentine some dont ..

This Valentine Day , I saw two couples. One whose marriage is fixed but yet to get officially engaged and other who has had a 25year long married life. Both the couples are similar since the he and she stay in different Cities.

Going by the younger couple first.. The guy had approached the girl first and let her know that their parents were planning their match only if the horoscopes matched. Orkut had helped him locate her. Then it started of a routine of daily chat, to know a bit of each other. Meanwhile the Marriage got fixed, and still they hadnt met. Come valentine day , and she struggled to find a card and gift to send it to him. Things dint work out as she planned and could send the card only on Valentine Morning.. and she had to show her card and letter to all her family members.. The Surprise came with a courier in her office, a BIG size. Neatly packed in an official jute envelope, It was a card from him and she smiled! The words on the card as she read, she was reassured that her choice was right!

The older couple.. He works in a different city and their children were studying in their hometown, she stays back in the hometown. Normally he visits his hometown and his family on weekends and he did that as usual in the weekend before Valentine. Their daughter and daughter-in-law planned to get them together on valentine day. So they sent her -the wife without informing him -the husband from her hometown to the city of his work with a cake, bouquet of Red roses and what not. She came to the city and decided to wait at her friends place which was in the next lane to where he stayed. To her surprise, she got a call from her daughter, that her husband was home with flowers and sweets! They both had been surprised !
The Story ended Happily as he returned to work next morning , came back from work early and spent the evening with his wife to celebrate the Valentine Day on 15th feb instead.. Where love is there is the Valentine Day!..

As an Afterthought -afterthought since I read the origin of valentine day story the next day- The valentine day is named after the Saint Valentine who HELPED the love-struck couples to marry each other since the King had banned Love Marriages in his rule. So does that mean , if someone says "Be my Valentine" is the actual meaning his "Please facilitate my marriage" :-)