Saturday, March 26, 2011

Biggy and Tiny

Biggy and Tiny both recognised me !!! Met them after a span of 1.5 years! When I had said bye then, I had accepted the fact that they would forget who Aparnaaunty was.. now they both are older sisters of 1 year olds..Its really wonderful feeling that they still remember me.. Love you little ones!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Looking for a car

Yess.. Looking for a brand new car now ..
I would love some small SUV like the Toyota Rav4 ( I had driven it in US ) but similar cars arent available in India in my budget. We either have large SUVs like Sumo, Scorpio.
So what do I want in the vehicle? We want that for travelling to our farm mostly, carry stuff to and fro, run on the mud roads near our farm and on the highways too!
On other days it should be able to carry 5-6 of us around..
Over and above, my father should be able to drive it as well. I know I can drive all cars..

Hope to get a decent one very soon.. Currently looking at something like Venture or Eeco.. Lets see..
Any suggestions ??

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


As I am returning back from office today after putting in 10 hours on a holiday, am thinking about the sms conversation with the friend who was going to join me in office..
It went as follows:
I have started, will reach in another 45 mins to one hour.
'On my way. Will take 35 mins more to reach,
'So you will be the first one to reach :)'
'Sometimes i too manage to be first :)'
'Everyone cant be first. :) happy you are getting the chance.'
'Dont you think coming first to work on a holidayis not an achievement to be happy about'
'Coming to work is not a happy thing. Coming first is.
now that you know you will be first would you slow down? if yes, its not a happy thing, if no, its not.'
'not all journey are happy. But as said by someone ..-its the need of the hour and go an extra mile..'
'Dont quote someone, being content with the miles travelled is also a virtue. Also, the journey is always happy, the destination may not be..'

After this, his battery died, and the conversation stopped. Knowing his experience, am I way too optimistic or positive about life? Not that I have been overburdened by work always like he has been, but I do try lifting up spirits of people around me.. Not sure if this helped, but we had a pretty successful day..