Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tagged by Purnima

I am tagged by Purnima.. I love to read her blog so when she tagged I did take out some time to answer her tag.. My answers below will be evident whats on my mind..

I AM THINKING ABOUT : Why am I so uninterested to complete the work that is scheduled to be done till tomorrow morning?

I SAID : duh! I don't want to work anymore.. but I have to..

I WANT TO : go home in Dombivli , Maharashtra, India...

I WISH : I could fly and reach home now!

I WONDER : Why did I agree to come here in first place :-)

I REGRET : getting angry and frustrated when I have too much to do in too little time.. and after I have wasted a lot of time on unnecessary things

I HEAR : news right now about the inflation in India and commodities shortage..

I AM : BORED... TIRED.. Complaining..

I DANCE : when no one is looking

I SING : when a song starts playing in my mind

: almost on any occasion - it could be watching a senti scene in a movie ( I had tears while watching OSO ) or I could be absolutely angry and most when I am chatting at home..

I AM NOT : well since last 3 days.. got Jabardast Jukam and Khatarnaak Khasi.. have recovered 90% now..

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS : Chapati dough .. Software Engineer ke life me apne haathonse kuch banane ka mauka hi kahan milta hai .. haathon ko keyboard aur mouse se fursat mile tab na ..

I WRITE : whatever hits me hard.. hard enough to set me writing..

: emotions with everything.. life and work, friends and colleagues, personal relations and professional relations..

I NEED : a break and don't know how to have it..

I TAG : No One and Everyone - No one specific and Everyone who wants to take it.

Disclaimer: No proofreading or review has been done on this post. Deemed unnecessary