Sunday, January 15, 2006

Who was that unknown lady?

The "Firsts" generally make a mark on blogs.
Mera wala ek..

Yesterday, A saturday , I visited my Sister's Place Santacruz, Mumbai. long way from Dombivli but 'Dombivli Fast' was my carrier and BW case study gave me company. On my return journey, when we ( my 2 brothers and I ) were waiting for a bus, I saw a roadside saleswoman- carrying the colourful, plastic dusters - approached me.. Nothing new I know, and as anyone would have, I thought she came to me to sell her wares.
"Appko allergy hai na, Nariyal ka Pani lagao. Ekdam theek ho jaata hai"
(You have got allergy , isnt it? Apply some coconut water, it wil be cured)
I was stunned by that Kearali accented hindi words! I do have a skin ailment and getting it treated and I have always got a lot of advices on how it should be treated. Anyone and everyone I know have suggested n number of cures. Relatives, teachers , friends , one and all! But this unknown lady?
"Theek hai" I replied, and yet recovering from the bombardment.
"Nahi Likhke lo! Aap mere didi jaise ho, isliye bata rahi hun.. Likh ke lo aap!"
(Write it down!, you are like my sister, thats why I am telling this to you, Write it down!)
"Theek hai" I replied, now totally amazed by the forceful argument.
"Uska treatment chalu hai, jao aap" My brother brushed her aside.
She went away muttering something, dint get to hear that.

Brooding over it , now I think, wasnt she showing her human nature.. I wasnt at all related, not even a prospective customer, but she did walk up to me and showed her concern about my disease. I really liked it.

I still remember her face. and hope I dont forget her, atleast her gesture.


Nagesh Pai said...

This happens only in India.. They say "dont run faster than your guardian angels can fly"

CBT said...

And the biggest wonder was that this lady who said "Aap mere Didi jaisi ho" appeared to be in her late 30s or more

"The Most Importatn Personality Of the Climax"

Varsha said...

Nice, I like your attitude. Most people would react like "whats her business".

srimantika said...

Cool one aparna.. I am glad u reacted so nicely... Just brushing her off wuld have been so rude.. She was just trying to be nice..

Life 24*7 said...

Yes, i am reading your blogs one by one and this one's really touched my heart. Actually reminds of a story that i might post on my blog soon ...