Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I am not sure how my dear god works. Cos he gives Instincts.

Instincts are the worst things. They tell you many illogical things, you dont believe thwm , But when you seethings turn out the way , u are amazed. Are Instincts Wishful thoughts? Sometimes yes or probably never ? I am not sure. Instincts have saved me from wrong actions many times. Even in my professional life, I have stopped on taking a decision , only because my instincts, my sixth sense said I should not do it. And later I knew , If I had taken the decision , i would have been wrong.

Even right now , I was damn tired with my work. Just could not trace back a problem. I wanted to free my mind so I started writing..
As I thought of posting it, I wrote on 2-3 different topics..But My Instincts dont allow me to post them. They asked me to post on them. Have they got some ego too?

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AITW_CBT said...

Kya re office me baithke kya karti hai..
Thoda kaam bhi kiya karo ;)