Thursday, March 23, 2006

Damn the CopyRights..

The Star Attraction of the Elephanta trip refused to be mentioned. Says he has a copyright ..

Anyways, the Star was Ramesh , who was to join us at 5 pm after his Classes. It was a nice meeting with (Nag and Ram) esh taking shots at each other.
Then we all went to "Suvidha" a Kamat Group Hotel to taste the delicacies.. We all settled on Idli Vada Mix. The Idli house venturers kept reminding of their Idli house visit.
Interesting part of Suvidha was that as Anant tried to click a snap of rest of us, a waiter offered to click a snap of all. This pro-active behavior impressed us all. Since we had two media people and one Management student , this move was discussed in detail.
Then we all dispersed Anant going by his different way, rest of us in the same train, getting down at various stations.

It was really a nice trip, totally unplanned ! See my Elephanta memory is still vivid. ;-)

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