Saturday, January 13, 2007

Want to Post

I want to post something.. But dont have much in mind..

'cos in sometime I have to move out to take snaps of places around my city..
My Amma, an enthusiastic teacher, wants to put up an exhibition of how Dombivli looked 50 years back and now..
She caught hold of a illustrative book of those times and got it scanned and even got the prints of the scanned pictures. Now its my turn to put to use my Digital Camera to get Snaps of all those places as on date..

I hope I am good enough.. As such how many amateurs get a chance of exhibitions so soon :-P


Ganesh Nayak Ullal said...

best of luck in your endeavour.


Waiting for your nostalgic adventure. It's a good theme. Its really fun watching places 50 years before and now.

Nagesh Pai said...

Cant wait much to see the results!!! do post it online too!! and we will have a separate RoD exhibition.


Anandham said...

Let know where have you posted ur pics & those 50 years before


waiting for the post