Saturday, October 13, 2007

"What are your dreams?"

Some days ago, I met a colleague who use to travel in the same bus from office to Dombivli back in India. I had met her at Annual Function just a month before that. She kept in touch and that day she was in Milford on the Train station. She wanted to see me and then had to go elsewhere. I had my car then, so I thought I should pick her from the station and drop her to the location she wanted to go. So I went to the station picked her up, and since she had sometime before she had to go her desired destination, I took her to my place.

We started chitchatting and slowly moved to the purpose of her visit here. Then she started describing her business , which was a Multi-level-Marketing business. I hate MLMs, not sure of the exact reason for the distaste , probably I seen more people losing money in it. But still, as I did not feel I appropriate to reduce her enthusiasm, I let her continue.
As in all MLM's one of the few initial questions was "What are you dreams?"
I got stuck..terribly.. I couldnt think of single dream that I could tell..
The conversation then drooled on to materialistic goals to money and how MLM can bring you money , etc.etc. All the crap I had heard when few more ML marketers had tried to sell me their stuff..

The question has haunted me .. till today. What are my dreams.. Sometime back I wanted a house of my own.. after staying away from my home for 6-7 months I realise I need a Home, little or large, but should be full of people loving and caring for me , instead of a big, empty house.
I want keep working, it keeps my brain active. Make me sit doing nothing, and you have bored me to death.
What else do I want in life? I need to find out ..

BTW today morning , I woke up dreaming that I was running through the corridors of a big school with a hallticket for an exam, searching for the classroom where my number was .. Does that signify anything?


Ganesh Nayak Ullal said...

Once somebody asked me "what will I do if get all the money in the world?". And I was unable to answer properly.
Probably we are limited by our own vision and imagination, rather than external constraints.

Abhijit said...

Well as they say, you really dunno what to answer when they ask for your dreams. Isn't it a bit personal issue? And then if they do ask, we can say, I do have a wonderful sleep ;) .

Purnima said...

Hi Aparna,

well.. u got me thinking on what are my dreams... and am still searching for a right answer!

You write really well... i guess i've read ur posts a while back too. Keeping u on my blogroll for my easy ref.

- Purnima

Aparna Pai said...

Rightly said..
Not having dreams does not mean having a sound sleep, but it reflects a bad memory

dixitava said...

by reading,i thank for myself always....coz the last line about"hall ticket"u scribled same had happned to me once,and thats why i m pursuing my pg in engineering....

ata mala vatatay sarvasadharan pane,konachyatari jivanat kami adhik pane tasech ghadat asate je ki konachya lekhanatun,vicharatun,anubhavatun prakat hote...

mi kadhi vichar kela navhata itka ki koni asha paddhatine lihil mhanun,thanks alot.good day

Rach said...

has happened with me too... i always have a special dream going on for me... but when i am asked about it, a stupid and probably dumb answer emerges from me...

may be its coz, like abhijit said, quite personal... u tell people who should know abt it, others need to ask!!

liked ur blog!... u can make a good post of something so simple and regular :)