Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen par is a movie about Dyslexic Children.. Wonderfully made!
As one of my friend says, its the real use of a powerful medium

I happened to watch it twice , on continuous days .. It happens with me that second thoughts and Third thoughts are too much from a critic's point of view. With Taare Zameen Par, I happened to find more meaning in the movie second time I watched it.

I feel its not only the Dyslexic children, its with every child.. Each has a different plus point, native talent. Is it really brought forward?

Forget children, do we elders know what is OUR real talent? How much do we know ourselves? How much do I know myself?

Do I need to ..

Kholo Kholo Darwaze
Parde Karo Kinare
Khuntey Se Bandhi Hai Hawa
Mil Ke Chhudao Saare

To find

Tu dhoop hai Chhamse bikhar .. Tu hai nadi O bekhabar!!
Beh chal kahin , ud chal kahan
Dil khush jahan , Teri to manzil hai wahi ..............


Abhijit said...

So please tell me should a person like me be watching this film..

Aajkal fillum dekhna means a big task, pakta hai , too many to see and no time to see all this....

I dunno, probably I too need a self talent search....

Ganesh Nayak Ullal said...

I watched a talk on education in which the speaker says "There is an urgent need to treat creativity with same importance as literacy".

In the same talk he gives an example of a child who was considered mentally sick because she was not interested in sitting and studying but dancing. Luckily she was allowed to follow her passion and today she is a millionaire.

Purnima said...

Yes, it is difficult to say if we are aware of our talents or not. unless that talent is singing or classical dancing, it isn't really given an encouragement to. The first pref remains with the academics, baaki ka jo hai woh badme dekha jata hai!

Guljinder Singh said...

In our Film industry, its really difficult for the film makers to experiment like this. From the Initial promos of the movies I thought it will go down the memory lanes just like 'Halo' or 'Makdee'.

Now after watchin the movie more than 10 times (Believe me I am not a movie buff at all) I cant even think of a single movie in Bollywoods history to compare it.

And Aparna, Very nice use of the songs Lyrics (Another USP of the Movie) at the end of the post.