Friday, April 16, 2010

The bird

Office Canteen.. lunch time.
All tables packed and people tracking empty spaces by keen eyes.
Suddenly, in a corner there is a loud noise. A pigeon attempted suicide at one of the Big exhaust fans spluttering its tail and a side of feathers on 2-3 tables near the fan. People move from their seats. Some leave off the food , rest move a little away.
Someone washes hands, gets the water for the bird, picks it up and puts it away in a place where no one would stomp on it. He keeps the water bowl near the fowl so to help it.
The 3 tables in vicinity of the Suicide spot are empty, cleaned up by the canteen staff.
A new bunch of people enters the canteen, loves the sight of empty place at peak hour and rushes in to occupy the place.
Life returns to as usual!

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