Saturday, April 09, 2011

What is it all about?

So what is the basic requirement of any relationship? Not really just a GF-BF kind.. It could be any, a brother-sister, friends, colleagues, boss and team or any..
love or the expression of it?
Cordiality ?
Connection or frequency of it?
frequency of Meeting in person?
Knowing whats going on in each others life ?
Or is it just the feeling that 'I do care about you'
Let me know...

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Himali said...

It may sound a little cynical but i think its the need.
Garaj as we say it in Marathi.
If this werent true, we wouldnt have seen so many 'Assisted Living' or Old Age Home facilities around.
The moment this need is gone, what remains behind is utter tolerance and like any other feeling except the need, it has its limits and a definite end. Once it reaches that, boom! relationship is gone.