Thursday, October 04, 2012

I hate bad English

Actually not only english, but any language spoken / written wrongly gets me in the corrective mode..

Bad English is something that occurs more frequently than others..
"I got an update from P that she needs assignments at ABC location because she is having a medical issue. In her earlier project she was worked from XYZ that time she felled in a faint 2-3 times in a bus during travel due to traffic congestion & suffocation. She informed about this to her earlier PM. She joined here just because it was just 2-3 weeks assignment as communicated earlier to her"

and this this written by a person with 8 years of experience and a team lead!

A conference call is going on, a remotely talking person says "Guys are you able to hear me, have you put me on hold?" A person at my end of phone immediately presses the "hold" button and when questioned he says "Usne bola na hold par daalo" ...I felled in a faint !!!! :D

These are very few examples that I have clear memory of.. There are many more and will put it soon.


GR said...

Tell me about it :)
I can relate well to this post. Would like to hear the other hilarious instances.

Nice to see you posting after a while... :)

Vidya Bhutkar said...

Totally agreed. I just cant take it, be it in marathi or in english.

Himali said...

i felled in a faint laughing ;)

Following is an email i received from a man with 6 years of Non-It experience (an MBA by the way) and 6 years of IT experience, a team lead by role.

'I penetrated through your mail and I think we need more time. I promise I will dive deep into your mails to see how we could do this'

Do tell me if you think i have a one track mind but i saved the mail just in case I needed to file a Sexual Harassment claim some day against the same guy. Later it turned out to be just 'bad English' ;)