Sunday, November 16, 2014

Grow Young..

Grow young - seems like such a senior citizen kind post ! But no .. this is a lesson I want to remember always. Because I read somewhere - If you think you are a grown-up already, you think you cant grow anymore, So be  child ..always.

Well this post is supposed to be the feeling of growing young - Not that I am too old, but once you cross the third decade of age, you feel you should act a little more mature - but this is about defying the same feeling.
My friend who is a Engineering college professor once mentioned - Teaching to this 18-20 aged kids keeps me young, their thoughts are fresh and different in each batch, I am very much kept up to date on how the generation thinks and hence I can gauge the generation gaps and understand people more.
I am currently having the same feeling. I go for lunch with a kid who is around 18-19. But she helps me understand her thoughts, aspirations, her idea of relationships, life and also makes me loosen up a bit and enjoy the lunch time. I feel I am letting go of my fears, learning new things and living it a little. Sometimes, you need just that !
Just few days back, we played a prank on a unsuspecting new colleague - as we did not want to mess up with office politics when we met a ex-colleague. And it was real  good fun. I probably wouldnt have done it, if I did not have the young company.
So yes, it refreshes me .. a lot !

But the key is being observant of their thoughts and empathize with it - not brush it off thinking its immature.. 'cause that's the attitude that results in generation gap.. Don't we know by our experience with some of our elders ?

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