Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Living Room Sofa

Since my childhood, I have always slept in the Living room, only now do I have a different room.
Earlier our house had only 2 rooms, the Living room and the Kitchen. So naturally it was the living room. We were kids then and getting up at 6:30 to start for school at 7 was a task !!! Poor mom and dad had a daily Herculean task..
Then we moved to another apartment which had same number of rooms but just a size bigger. It wasnt the age of Sofa-cum-beds yet, only a bed was prevalent and that took a big space in our living room. My Granny ( she was with us for that short time)  used to sleep on it.
So till all this time I always liked the bed-roll on the floor.
We moved in our Bigger home, with an additional room called bedroom. We children took the Living room and the balcony separately, after a proposition to exchange places on a periodic basis. (its another thing, that I never left the balcony till the Sofa came in)
So this home was remodeled so many times, that I almost remember staying in different places instead of one. and with each makeover, the balcony was more and more out of sight and Living room was the biggest room. Sometime in between, the Red Sofa-cum-bed arrived in our Living room. My brother declared it unfit for him to sleep due to his height and I was the sole contender to it !
I never looked at any other option unless there was some guest, or my mom had a restraining order on how late I could sleep in the Living Room.
When I went to US, I was placed in a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 roommates. I was supposed to share 1 bedroom with one of them. But with no cellphone, and house phone in the living room next to the Sofa, and my Long calls to Home and friends and my team back in India, I ended up sleeping on the Living room sofa.. When I was at my friends place ( I spent most of my time there), the Living room Sofa was much more comfortable than any other place.- for me it was my home in US !
I moved into another Apartment and shared it with one other roommate. Dint have a Sofa but just a mattress. Although I had a choice, I put it in the Living room and settled out there :)
When I relocated to another city, I rented another 1 bedroom apartment and naturally I chose the Living room over the bedroom. My roomie came in another month later, till then the Bedroom was only a store-room. As we collected furniture - mattresses and sofa, my roomie helped me change my habits by citing saving electricity as a reason. Although I did find reasons to sleep on the two-seater sofa with my legs hanging out e.g late night calls with my team in India, or work or watching online movies , etc. , I was comfortable sleeping anywhere :).
When I was back home to India, we had shifted to a new place. Its a 2 Bedroom plus Living room plus kitchen. Anticipating Brother's marriage, he was in one of the bedrooms and my parents in another.. Me was back in Living Room..My father got it partitioned so that I get some privacy of my own, yet it was still my favorite Living Room.

Post Marriage - I miss the Living room sleeping and after a kid its much more farther. Although I do find time to nap on the Living room sofa , its still a rare occasion.

How life changes!

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