Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sweet Sea water?

Getting bombarded by the news of Sweet Sea water from morning.
and now got a call from outside Mumbai regarding the same..

Is it possible that Sea water loses its salty taste..
why not ? when fresh river water is added, the salt will be diluted.. In mahim, as they say Mithi meets the Arabian..
now she is Mithi, then she will make the water mitha :-) After all she has met after such a loong time.. might have thought Samundar ka pani "Kucch meetha ho jaaye.."

And then the news comes for a location in Gujarat..
Is it that we all are too insecure to feel that this is miracle? or are we awaiting a miracle to happen and all our troubles to go away.. like all the salty taste has gone away from the Mahim creek..

For that we will need to clean the Mithi, the source of water, our thinking and our perception of situation. We need to "do" something to forget our troubles, and just not 'hope' for some miracles..

Are we ready for it?


Hazel Dream said...

we want to belive in god

Varsha said...

ya this is madness...mass hysteria...sweet water, milk drinking Gods, Jesus oozing oil...

suraj said...

shiot i missed this sweet thing ...out of bombay u see...

Nagesh Pai said...

I got my blood sugar tested. coz i came to know that the sewage from my home is released out through the Mithi river from where these guys had that Baba Azams holy water :-).