Thursday, September 14, 2006

Not posting..

I havent posted from long time..
seems nothing is making any impact on me.. Or i have been so used to everything happening around me..
But its neither.. Its just not to be made public..
I have got lot of work in my office..
I got this highly critical, highly sensitive, spanning the complete project etc. etc., task since two of my team-members put all the efforts to convince the boss the only I can do this.
This happend in my absence.. But now I have to be ignorant of this fact that happened and work and co-ordinate with the Boss and both of the team members.
So now I have Task tension, co-ordination pressure and keep an eye on the thing that no one misses out anything.. and stay always politically correct.
Ah.. How I miss being free of worries.. wanna just speed away .. as one of my friends scrapped me on my Orkut Profile snap.

P.S.: This is an afterthought and has added to my worries.. Will my Boss come to know of my blog? What will be the reaction? (25-Sep-2006)


Aditi said...

Ahh I am sure they wouldnt have recommended u if u werent upto the task

Nagesh Pai said...

ahhh me in a similar state.. atleast you got the words to blog it!!!!