Thursday, September 21, 2006

Personal Effectiveness

Recently attended a training on Persoanl Effectiveness.. It was a part of my Individual Development plan suggested in my Appraisal.
It was quite an interesting training..
First we were to note down our strengths and draw a picture for anyone of the strength. Then we were divided in pairs and supposed to get a feedback about the picture from other person and then have a introduction with that person. After this exercise, we had to introduce the other person to the group and explain their picture.
Then there was a session on ENNEAGRAMs - Nine personalities. An idea of Greeks, that basically there are only 9 types of personalities. We had to go through Questionnaires and then the trainer would identify which is the dominant personality in each of us.
Also there was Johari window. I already have one online.
After the first day we had home work too.. To complete the Script Questionnaire..That was all about self, parents, Childhood impressions , thoughts about future..
The second day we discussed this Script. and further on ENNEAGRAMs, How to deal with the Nine personas.

The gist what I found is that, We need to keep talking, to ourself, to friends and take our thoughts in a positive direction. Analyze each thought, if it is logical or Not. Check at every instance, is my worry realistic.. or am I just imagining things..
Am i in this world or an imaginary world?
When we hit the ground reality, we discover ourselves..
and the Discovery is fascinating.. As I delved deeper inside myself, I found I had bound myself by too many beliefs and chains.. I found about my deepest fears, which ruled my decisions.. and now I will make it sure that they do not affect my decisions..
Taking charge of Self is something that everyone needs to do.. Lets see how successful I am !

Note for readers:
Please keep commenting on my blogs, and let me know if I am improving or vice versa :-)


Jaijee said...

Appi... i think u have already showing signs of the above said thgs!!

artnavy said...

thanks for the johari window link

Ganesh said...

This is really cool.....Your description is really good...

Life 24*7 said...

I really loved the gist !!