Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Being a Software Engineer....

Few things I did at sometime due to being habituated ..

1. I work on tool PL SQL developer which is based on Oracle. The Short-cut for executing a query is F8 . So Even when I am refreshing a webpage I click on F8 and wait for it to get refreshed !!

2. This is the most common one.. In MS Outlook, to send a mail we need to click Ctrl+Enter. So when I mail from a Gmail or Yahoo account , I do the same and wonder why the mail is not getting sent ;-))

3. Login to Home PC using the Office user name and password! ( This is contributed by a friend)

4. Start Dialling with Zero from Home landline..( Too common again)

5. And the weirdest one I Did..
Standing in front of the Door at home, searching for my I-card to swipe and open the door, instead of ringing the belll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last one inspired me to write about the things I do.. :-)))))


Nagesh Pai said...

You better not ask your mom for the bill after meals.. maar khayegi

Rams said...

Just wandered here through Simi's blog. And I'm glad I did :)
Lol... the card swiping one was real good one :D

Anonymous said...

Me too developing a few habits, like writing "regards" at the end of personal emails

Shradha Nayak said...

Found this link under Funny incidents in GSBNEXT.. and it is really very funny. The door bell incident was quite funny.. :-D

Anandham said...

After effects. Do consult a doctor. ;) So far I haven't developed these symptoms.

Gunjan said...

another thing iv started doing lately is checking the time on the bottom right hand corner of my mirror while Im getting dressed !!

Life 24*7 said...

Oh man !!! I totally can relate to the first 2 points !!! And the 5th one was just tooooooooooo much :-D