Monday, November 20, 2006

"How are you"

The most asked, most heard rhetoric question "How are you?"

Are we really concerned when we ask this question? Or we just throw this bunch of words when we have nothing else to start?
Do we expect the other person to say "I am not fine .. I am too troubled with my life..and I want to crib and cry" I see that we dont expect such replies , unless from a close friend. or if someone has a really good heart.
What if someone really says that? What is the reaction? A raised eyebrow with the thought " Oh my God! I have my own problems, now this person is goin to start cribbing..Save me !!!!"

On my Office Phone I get regular calls from the tele-marketers of credit cards. " Hello Madam, How are you ? I am calling from XYZ bank and we are offering you this lifetime credit card"
At the first question and pause I say "I am not fine" , I am curious as to how do they react.
One person was baffled and then forgot his next lines. One another disconnected saying"Sorry Ma'am" . The interesting one , who was a good salesman , said ,"Dont worry ma'am , After you listen to the offer I am presenting you wil be fine !"

One more place I see this question is on Chats and Orkut. I see a long lost friend online, I am happy and I ping "Hi , Long time no see .. How are you?" or simply "hi hru" and the response is always "I am Fine" or simply "f9"

Once I did reply ..somewhere., "I am not fine, Pareshan hun apni lifese " and know what , I am still waiting for a reply.. the person just dint respond!!

Seems we are always in search of Happiness..and we keep searching it in others.. I want to go the other way round..


dharmu said...

hey,saw in orkut that you have a blog. cool!
i liked the previous post. i guess i will tag myself with it.

Abhijit said...

Good writing..
seems that I should be using ur techniques more often

suraj said...

hyeh sometimes ppl do ask thing without meaning it..

nikhil said...

hey aparna mai u r blog is simply gr8 wat u have written is so true. so let me ask u how r u ?:)

Ashley said...

He He He ...
Thats was fun reading. we ask such stupid questions and do give equally meaningless answers.
Good blog !

Anonymous said...

Hey... I truly liked what you wrote, its such a simple thing which you noticed and have made so interesting... u have put forth ur views very well.

This reminds me to tell that here its so common, everyday nearly 10 strangers ask me "Hi, how are you doing ?", its customary here...Initially I used to find it very funny.

Whoever meets me , whether he/she is a guest in hotel just like me, or housekeeping, or the cook here, on seeing each other, wherever it maybe- corridor, stairs or dining hall, each one does ask "Hi,How are you doing"...and the standard answer for this standard question is "Hi, doing good!!"...

Again, this post is a nice one. :)

Anandham said...

So u asked me the question today and I replied with the usual answer. Life moves on doesn't it?

Life 24*7 said...

Loved this post of yours !! Really thoughtful !!