Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I want to get well soon..

In our younger days, I had a lesson about a boy who wanted to fall sick. In his family everyone used to fall sick and he had to get medicines for each of them. One day, he thought I will fall sick and everyone will envy me. So next time when he went to the Doctor to get medicine, he told "It pains in my stomach" As the Doctor knew his obsession of sickness, he took a totally serious face and started examining. He examined his pulse, took his blood pressure, then tapped on his stomach. The boy was curious, kept asking questions, "Did I get appendicitis? Do I have malaria? Atleast do I have a fever? or atleast a little cold and cough? "
Doctor completed his examination without uttering a word. and then called him to his seat. "Little boy, you have got no disease, you are fit and fine. Now take this medicine for your sisters cough and run home" Our boy got dejected and went home...

I used to get simple headaches, skin infections, common cold, etc. But nothing that will give me a days leave, like fever or anything.. I got a lesson and a quite heavy. I got malaria, when I dint want it. so I am on a week long leave, when I should be fit and fine to prepare for my trip to a distant place. The fever comes at a fixed time and takes away all the energy i had collected till that time of that day. Every thing becomes so hot that its unbearable. My hands and my feet eject heat.
Slowly bu surely , the medicines have taken effect and now the fever is gone.. But the so has my energy.
I have to rejuvenate and get ready for my trip!. Probably this was the time I got to think over calmly about all the things I need to do and Should not do.To clear my thoughts out of all the confusions and repercussions and face the new day with renewed vigour!

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