Thursday, March 15, 2007

Radio Idli Softs!

Radio Idli .. an innovative concept.
It started off with a discussion to start a BAND of musicians in our Idli house Council. Idli house Council itself had started off by a bunch of Saraswat friends who had met over the Internet and thought of meeting offline. The meeting point was Idli house, a place run by the legendary A Rama Nayak family - a place where we got the typical Saraswat taste in the idlis / undis / khotto replete with all the Saraswat specific accessories like hinga(asafoetida ) chutney, pitti chutney or moolga pudi, karbeva chutney or nimbda pudi , loni( home made butter), Daalitoy whatever you ask for! This was a treat for all those who had left their homes for a job in Mumbai!
Soon this council of Idli house outgrew the Idli house capacity and as it grew , people from all walks of life , all ages of life were included in this enthusiastic group.
Meets and treks made all of us to do something more than fun and the Vision 2007 was born. To know the hidden aspects and talents of everyone and put it to some use of the community, Counselling, Job hunt, whatever possible.
As talents uncovered, it was found everyone had a great love for music, and so it started of as Radio Idli. Record your song and send to Nagesh.It can be a filmy song, it could be just your take at instruments, it could be a bhajan in any language, no bar! Nagesh took time from his busy schedules to upload it it on a blog as a snippet, give some of his RJ comments. Soon With songs came the music and so did some pep-talk. Sankalp peppered the Chutney Chat - interview sessions, Spontaneous Questions and interesting answers. Then came Lokabhiraam, he came , he spoke and he conquered the hearts of all young and old.
Radio Idli grew from being a Cherduvale Timepass to a Regularly awaited and heard Radio. In todays time when we have 8-10 FM Channels and all hooked to the RJs and the repetitive songs , Radio Idli is different. It has no bandwidth, It sits on a blog, frequency is weekly , yet it has its own audience.
Today its getting a lot of Media Coverage. I hope this week and further it doesnt pull down the Servers hosting the blog and the one storing the multimmedia clips !

As one of our veteran says , we should not say Radio Idli Rocks cos idli when become rock-like they arent eatable. So Radio Idli Softs!

I love Radio Idli!


Nagesh Pai said...

THis post brings back nostalgic memories of every stage of IHC evolution!!

We all love Radio Idli indeed!

Varsha said...

Softs ...heh heh heh...

Is Abhijit the "rocking" veteran?

Aparna Pai said...

naah, its not Abhijit.. Its Our Da!