Thursday, August 23, 2007

MY Car

I got a car! As in US, the distances are great ad for easy mobility you need a car..
So I bought one.
The car.. I learnt to drive here.. was a little bumpy initially .. probably dangerous.. But it was a good feeling. Being on your own, moving out for your own things. Not depending on others for anything.. Just Being yourself..

I loved driving.. I could go wherever I wished to..

Then one day, I decided to join my friends for a movie. While I was on the way , I lost my way, then found it, and then in a confusion and a hasty decision I met with an accident. Hit another car, panicked, hit the gas , climbed the curb and hit a signpost. When the car could move no further, I realised I never hit the brakes. I wasnt hurt physically, but totally shaken.. I was totally unable to think of anything. I called my friends to help me out. They came soothed me out.. took me home, then to a movie. I calmed down a little till the evening..
As night darkened , I felt too nervous, too gloomy much that I just walked out of my apartment and kept on walking .. I was going aorund the place for atleast 2-3 hours before I felt exhausted. When I could take it no more, I called up my friend to take to over to their place.
It took a day more for me to calm down. But the stress took me out and I fell sick..
3-4 more days and then I was fine. and then came a call from my insurance company telling me that they had declared total damage on my car, and that it cannot be repaired. They wil pay me the whole amount , but not my car.

So I have lost my car.. and gone back to the same phase as I was a 1 month back.
This one month was a great time. I can never forget the moments I got with myself.. The time I spent behind the wheel , with the speed , with a little anxiety of driving the right way yet the happiness of actual driving..
I sure will try to get another car for the love of driving..


Anonymous said...

So Now you you will get a new car. Hmmmm

Lage raho, and this time drive carefully....

Vinita said...


My consolations for your car and best wishes for the next one. Keep confidence and u will soon get it.

Reshivu said...

Way to go Aparna...initial hassles shouldn't deter us from what we want to do. The very fact that you are confronting your fear by putting it in writing is proof enough to show that you have it in you to face new challenges. I very much empathise with you because i myself am a new driver..its been about 2 months now and i know what i went through when i started off. Of late, I smile to myself thinking..."Is driving this easy? Why did i make a big deal out of it?":) I'm sure YOU WILL too in a matter of time;) So, gear up yourself and drive away to glory! :)

Aparna Pai said...

Thanks Vinita , Reshma..
Your encouragement means a lot to me!