Thursday, February 05, 2009

Boss and I

Some feelings you cant explain..
I received an email from our HR asking for a photo as I am nominee for some award.. As far as I know for this award, I had requested one of other leaders to nominate my boss.. and she said it was already being done..
As always there are only a certain number of people that can be awarded.. So with this photo request, I am feeling too sad that, probably, my boss hasnt received the award and I have..
The realisation of being nominated for an award does fill in but then the sorrow is overwhelming..

I know I am in the world of probabilities.. but I do not want to get past my boss.. till now I have always achieved things after him .. after all he has taught me a lot and got me till here..helped me all the way in my personal and professional life to grow in the right way.. first as friend then as a leader , always as a great mentor!

And I am not the only one who likes my boss -- another colleague and friend who is in my team says in Rajanikanth ishtyle "He is a LEGEND in the field of IT"

I hope sincerely that my boss gets this award and not me.. or probably an award better than this one!!

UPDATE !!! My boss and I both got the award !!!!!


Life 24*7 said...

Having read this i am so eager to know more ... I wish you both achieve the deserved in its own special way ! Good wishes to boss and you !

Aparna Pai said...

yeah, you know the boss as well !! Thanks!!

PURN!MA said...

awwwww, that was awfully sweet and kind of you to put ur boss before yourself. If he's all that good, I sincerely hope you both get the award. All the best for that!, to you n your bossie.

Meanwhile, here's a formal invite for u to visit my new blog and let me know what u think abt it. I wonder if u knew I had a new one. the url :

Kanchan said...

who's the boss ??

i had long forgotten that u blogged!!

PURN!MA said...

hey tagged u. this time it is easy. I promise! chk blog.

Aparna Pai said...


Boss and I both got the SPA !!


Thanks for the tag, let me see when I complete it


Now that you know.. please visit often!!

PURN!MA said...

Hey Congratulations fr the award!