Thursday, March 05, 2009


Disclaimer :This post isnt a review of the movie. This is more about random second and third thoughts

Watching a movie as soon as it gets released is not something I normally do these days. But Luck By Chance, the three of us, My friend-colleague-roomie (FCR), our friend-collegue-neighbour (FCN) and me decided to go for Delhi-6 on the immediate sunday after being impressed by the songs. Luckily as well, none of us had any scheduled activity (Note that we all are s/w engrs and in support). Next step after deciding to watch a movie is callling up all other colleague-families in the apartment complex and inviting them to join. With a lot of Kabhi han kabhi na, except one family , all of them (including 2 families with kids aged 24 months and 30 months) agreed to join.

Show time : 2:30 pm Decision time : 1:45 pm during Situation: Common Lunch in progress.

and as usual we made it. ALL of us just inside the theater when the Rakeysh Mehra's archer is pulling the strings of his bow.. Pitch Dark Theater and we expected a full theater so walked in till the middle of the theater and waited for some light on the screen....

Kids restless, weak mobile lights , searching for a row.. Finally in that darkness someone said, "Are ye row me jagah hai " so the first guy goes in .. and finds that the row is FULLY empty till end.. So we all fit in one row..

The movie unfolds , Abhishek coming with is daadi Vahida to any gulli in Dilli. Like a real Indian-born-US-citizen-visting-for-first-time , he sees and tries to make up with the difference consoling himself its not for long., gets used to having people around trying to judge him, listens to everyone, grasps the various beliefs and the extents people go for their beliefs and so on.. Funny scene is when Daadi suddenly gets serious and he shouts "Call 911" [rofl] ..

Well you can read the story on the internet.. Too many reviews are out..

When we came out of the theater and looked at each other everyone of us was "Its a good movie" My FCR agreed that she would take me to the next movie (The previous two movies I went with the group were "Heroes" and "Chandni Chowk to China").

When checked with friends and family in India, it seemed to have a very poor rating.. Public felt it was bakwaas.. Kuch bhi dikhaya hai and all.. This set us thinking why we liked it.. and it dawned..
In office where we all work, we are used to incidents where there is no track or trace of why a thing has been happening such for so long, or even the people who set it that way. No explanations shall be available on any event.
I guess liking the movie was just a Professional Hazard in Personal Life.. it was just about accepting things as they are shown and not try to find a logical explanation.

Confused on what I am trying to say ? Well thats the way it is ..


PURN!MA said...

Frankly, I hated the movie. I wanted to run out of the theatre during the second half, but the fact that I'd footed the bill kept me rooted. U'know, even I have made one pact with myself, and that is to keep my brains at home and watch a movie with 0 expectations and 0 analysis. Maybe, that way I could end up liking it. Alas, that doesn't work either. Specially with movies like Rab ne... (hope u haven't yet watched that...)

Life 24*7 said...

Loved your article :) Though i havent got a chance to see the movie as yet !