Monday, March 15, 2010

Zamana badal gaya hai!

Have you seen dogs running behind people carrying Milk or bread ?

Today I was surprised when I saw a dog gnawing at a man's hand carrying packets of ... Do you want to guess ? .... gutkha !!!!!!!!

They say the country is going to dogs.. but where are the dogs going ?


Life 24*7 said...

ha ha :) I think the dogs want chew themselves (read as chew gutkha) to death !!

Himali said...
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Himali said...

They say Dog is Man's best friend...
so if they keep men as their company, this was bound to happen..
& hell, men can read its hazardous to their health & still they chew Gutkha & chew it with gay abandon, we must give some credit to the literate dog ;)